Team Member: Nathan Blackstone

I'm Nathan, I'm based in South East England and I'm a huge music fan. When I'm not making music of my own I'm listening to a wide variety of music from Pop to Rock to Metal and beyond. My top three bands would have to be the Smashing Pumpkins, Placebo and My Chemical Romance although there are so many other great bands but so little time to list them!

Nathan Blackstone's Articles:

Seven Stories High- Deadweight

We’re heading for winter again people, nights are drawing in and it’s all cold outside. If like me that makes you a little sad then may I suggest a bit of fresh pop punk? Conveniently, Seven Stories High are releasing their EP Deadweight on November 24th. The Swansea pop punks have penned a four track […]

Santa Cruz – Bad Blood Rising

When it comes to alternative music most of the big bands come from your typical trio of the UK, USA and Canada with the occasional exception to the rule. I for one think that’s a shame. Many of the countries left out from usual listening are in fact home to some great bands that could […]

10 Years- (how to live) AS GHOSTS

Bands are strange creatures. Members come and members go but some lucky bands manage to get those members back, this is the case for Knoxville alt- metallers 10 Years. After starting out in 1999, releasing two independent records and even hitting high on the charts once they signed with a major label in 2005. After […]

I The Mighty- Where the Mind Wants to Go/ Where You Let it Go

I The Mighty have been around a while now. The groups roots go back as far as 2007 and their story flows from an ill fated debut which was swallowed up by a collapsing record label to the current day where they can be found playing big shows in the UK and US. They’re a […]

ROAM- Great Heights and Nosedives

Eastbourne pop punk act, ROAM have done pretty well for themselves so far. The band signed to US punk label Hopeless in 2014, joining a star studded roster containing bands like Sum 41 and New Found Glory. Having already released an EP on the label in 2015 and their debut album, Backbone, last year the […]

August Burns Red- Phantom Anthem

If you pay any attention to the world of metalcore recently then you’ve surely heard of August Burns Red. Just in case you haven’t, August Burns Red are an American five piece band who have rose steadily through the heavy music ranks since their 2003 debut album, Thrill Seeker. Since then the band have released […]

Sons of Texas- Forged by Fortitude

Sons of Texas are a band from Texas (funnily enough) that are kind of hard to describe. The base of the sound is certainly metal but you can hear other notes in there. Grungy, bluesy notes that make them an interesting listen. After forming in 2013 and releasing their first record, Baptized in the Rio […]

Pretty Little Enemy- Second Load

While doing other articles for the site recently I accidentally found my favourite new band of the year. Pretty Little Enemy are an Alt Metal group from Somerset, maybe not the first locale that comes to mind when you think of anything metal but trust me on this one. The bands previous EP, Bitch Please, […]

Skies In Motion- Life Lessons

The first few minutes into this album I knew I’d found my new favourite hardcore band. Derby based five piece, Skies In Motion are the band responsible for the record we have before us. It’s a rollercoaster ride of chugging riffs, soaring choruses and brutal breakdowns. As debut records go, does it get much better? […]

Pretty Little Enemy announce tour and tease new single!

Somerset rockers, Pretty Little Enemy have put out a teaser trailer for the latest single from their upcoming EP, “Collide“. The track will be released on the 4th of September but if you can’t wait until then and the trailer isn’t enough you can always check out the first single from the EP, Get A […]

Hot Water Music premiere new single “Complicated”

Florida post hardcore band, Hot Water Music are premiering their new single “Complicated” via Team Rock. The pumping, straightforward track is anything but complicated in the best of ways. Simple yet effective and definitely worth a listen below; [youtube v=uD8QHTNKPEs The single comes from the bands upcoming LP, Light It Up, which the band chose […]

MAYPINE – In The Back Of My Mind

Brighton pop punk rockers, Maypine are a fairly new band on the block. Formed last year, the band released their new EP, In The Back Of My Mind, on 4th August. They take influence from the usual suspects and fit suitably into the British pop punk scene but there’s something else there too. The opening track […]

A chat with Sibling

We had a chat with Sibling about their formation, their new EP and a host of other things. Make sure you check out their EP, Dream You Away which is out now! You’re a fairly new band so it’s only right to ask this. How did the band form? Ok, so, back in 2014, Lewis and […]

Sibling- Dream You Away

Every now and then you find a band that can perfectly combine out there atmospherics and rock sensibilities. When you find one of those bands, cherish them! Sibling is one of those bands. Having only formed recently with ex-Hindsights vocalist, Benio Baumgart at the head the band is already releasing an EP. The EP, Dream […]

Raised By Raptors- Release

Kent metallers, Raised By Raptors, are a piece of heavy perfection right on the doorstep for me. The band have been playing within the area incessantly since their formation in 2015 and even extending to playing shows around the country with some of the big names in modern hardcore music. The bands sound truly combines […]

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