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Real Friends – ‘Torn In Two’ [review]

When I first heard of Real Friends I was fresh to pop punk. I liked All Time Low, As It Is, Green Day and My Chemical Romance. I found their first two albums to be too brash and bordering on unlistenable. By the time Composure dropped I’d been to Slam Dunk Festival and, though I still believe their first two records to be poor, that third album really made me fall for them. ‘Stand Steady; is still their best song.

Hawthorne Heights – The Rain Just Follows Me

Hawthorne Heights have never really slowed since their inception. Their eighth full length, The Rain Just Follows Me, shows that the band still have a lot to say.

Tigress – Pura Vida

Tigress release their new album Pura Vida on Friday. We had an early listen and honestly, really enjoyed it.

Beach Riot – Subatomic Party Cool

It's taken Beach Riot three years to put debut album Subatomic Party Cool together but it was well worth the wait. It is released on September 17 through Alcopop! Records.

Justin Courtney Pierre – The Price of Salt

Motion City Soundtrack's Justin Courtney Pierre has released his solo record The Price of Salt. It's an interesting listen.

Young Culture – Godspeed

Young Culture released their new EP Godspeed on July 30 through Rude Records. The band want you to feel the emotions throughout and this is something you really do on a deep listen.

Capstan – Separate

Capstan recently released their new record Separate.

Sleep Waker – Alias

Sleep Waker release new record Alias today and it is something for the metal fans out there to sink their teeth into and enjoy.

Cognitive – Malevolent Thoughts Of A Hastened Extinction

Cognitive release their new record Malevolent Thoughts of a Hastened Extinction this week and its pretty much pure death metal brilliance.

Beartooth – Below

Beartooth have absolutely no business creating an album as brilliant as they have done here. But Below has set the bar extremely high for the remaining records to come out this year.

Tiger cub – As Blue As Indigo

Tigercub released their new album As Blue As Indigo on June 18 and it is one of the albums of 2021.

Free Throw – Piecing It Together

Free Throw release their fourth album Piecing It Together on June 25. As someone who is hit and miss with the pop-punk genre, this record is one of my favourites of the year - and the genre in general.

Hacktivist – Hyperdialect

Hacktivist return with Hyperdialect, their most ferocious album to date which takes aim at the world we live in. It's one you don't want to miss out on at all.

AFI – Bodies

AFI are back with new album Bodies. The band's die-hard fanbase will love this new record.

Waxflower – We Might Be Alright

Waxflower released their EP We Might Be Alright earlier this year and it is a strong pop-punk record which show's the band's promise.

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