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I'm Nathan, I'm based in South East England and I'm a huge music fan. When I'm not making music of my own I'm listening to a wide variety of music from Pop to Rock to Metal and beyond. My top three bands would have to be the Smashing Pumpkins, Placebo and My Chemical Romance although there are so many other great bands but so little time to list them!

Nathan Blackstone's Articles:

Beezewax- Peace Jazz

As I write this, Eurovision is several days away and each year it comes and I watch it to some extent. A night of music from across the continent where I usually at some point find myself impressed by one song or another, promising myself to check out more music from countries outside the UK/ US sphere. That’s not to say that this band sounds like a typical Eurovision act (just a tangent on how I need to explore the music of different countries), there’s no Europop to be found here. This is Norwegian Indie Rock outfit Beezewax and their seventh studio album, Peace Jazz.

Enterprise Earth- Luciferous

American extreme metal outfit Enterprise Earth are back with their third LP, Luciferous. The band, formed in 2014 by two ex members of Infant Annihilator and Takeover, started out with their debut EP XXIII and debut LP Patient Ø with their latest full length coming last year in the form of Embodiment. Luciferous is described by vocalist, Dan Watson, as the band's "strongest, most mature release to date" which sets expectations high to say the least.

Shadows Like Strangers- CALI

Nottingham rockers Shadows Like Strangers put out their debut album this year, an album that is in many ways the result of three years of sonic development. From their formation, early EPs and right up till recently, the band have been honing their sound and their lineup to put forward exactly the debut album they want representing them.

Hold Close – Time

US pop punks Hold Close give us their debut record to kick off 2019. Following on from their earlier EPs, this record sees the band attempting to put themselves out there and establish themselves. This record sees them commit to a vibrant, layered sound that has developed since those early EPs.

Napoleon – Epiphany

UK hardcore powerhouse, Napoleon are back at it again. The bands new record, Epiphany, is out on November 2nd. The record follows the groups 2016 debut, Newborn Mind. Epiphany packs some serious punch into its 10 tracks, proving to be a 43 minute romp of power, passion and most importantly, grooves! Napoleon are often pegged […]

Prognosis- Definition

Admittedly, I don’t hear much about Manchester’s metal scene. You’d assume it’s as good as any UK city’s scene but it does have one thing that no other city in the UK has. Prognosis.  Prognosis are a quartet from the aforementioned city of Manchester with one hell of a debut record on  the way. Definition […]

Reawaken- *monochrome*

*monochrome* (yes the asterisks are an important part of the title) is the latest EP by Southampton quintet, Reawaken. The EP is short and sweet with only four tracks but it’s packed with plenty of power across it’s short runtime. The EP kicks off with Don’t Run. Grinding guitars give way to that opening wailing […]

Boston Manor- Welcome To The Neighbourhood

Blackpool based Boston Manor have been on my radar for years, hearing them here and there but never quite finding the time to check them out fully. That was until I heard about this record. Welcome to the Neighbourhood is the bands second album, following on from 2016’s Be Nothing. This time round the band […]

Woes are Over It!

Scottish pop punks, Woes, have been releasing a series of singles in the run up to their Self Help EP. Over It is the latest of the singles and it’s certainly worthy of it’s single spot. Vocalist DJ says the band “made a conscious effort to try and write something that didn’t sound like a […]

Dave Grohl is figuring it all out with Play

Dave Grohl needs no introduction but let me introduce him anyway. Dave got his big break in DC punk band, Scream, next came a bigger break when he joined Nirvana, THEN he started the Foo Fighters by himself, he drummed on countless other records including Queens Of The Stone Age‘s Songs for the Deaf (and […]

Trophy Eyes want Friday Forever this week

Australian pop punks Trophy Eyes are having a good week this week. Friday Forever, the third single from their 3rd studio album came out mid week and the album was released on Friday August 3rd. A lot of the number three I know. Friday Forever reminisces on youthful days doing things you might not be […]

LOWLIVES hope to Burn Forever with their new EP

LOWLIVES are formed of former members of The Defiled, Amen, No Devotion and The Ataris and have been about around a year but are already making strong progress. They’ve got a sold out London headline gig, done a Maida Vale session for Radio 1, are set to play Reading and Leeds and are playing a […]

TALONS- We All Know

Post Rock is a genre that seems ever present. Always in the background, constantly making it’s advances. Talons are a British band who fall firmly within this genre, forming in Hereford in 2008. In the ten years since their formation they’ve released 2010’s Hollow Realm and 2014’s New Topographic along with a slew of other […]

Orchards- Losers/ Lovers

My love for Orchards go back a little while. It’s sometime in the summer of 2016, I am yet to start reviewing for Altcorner but I’m looking at university courses. I turn up to an open day in Brighton and everyone is herded into a small presentation room with a stage. Orchards played two songs […]

Fangclub – True Love

It’s sometime in March this year, I’m in a small basement venue in Bournemouth. A band I’ve previously reviewed, Nervus, just finished a killer set and I’m ready for more loud sounds in preparation for the mighty Milk Teeth. A group of people who walked past me earlier in the crowd take the stage. Turns […]

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