HOLYGOOD- Killing Giants

London based HOLYGOOD (formerly Light You Up) have their first EP coming and it promises to be good. Not only have members of the band toured with the likes of Don Broco, Pvris and State Champs but they spent 2019 touring with Busted. The EP, titled Killing Giants, came out on January 22 and consists of three tracks.

Opening track Bath Salts certainly catches your attention. Heavily processed drums and whirling synths draw the listener through a vocal lead verse, building to a synth drop that opens the track into a more chilled atmosphere. The track continues forward, texturally rich throughout. The line “Rock and Roll died and I survived” announces the entry of some crushing rock guitars. The whole package is lathered in reverb and sprinkled in candy. Catchy with plenty of replay value.

Next up is Moving Mountains which comes in with an acoustic guitar surrounded by soft synths. It’s the most chilled out track on the EP and I like it’s inclusion. It shows another side to the band which is difficult when working with a small tracklist.

The EP is rounded out by title track Killing Giants. Whirring synths and a thrumming bass line pull you through the verses as the vocals move quickly through their story. The track drops out a second before exploding into a chorus. It’s a glorious wash of sound with a bold hook shining through. This track makes a strong case for the EP’s production, the arrangement on those choruses alone is incredibly tight.

HOLYGOOD are making solid pop tracks filtered through pop punk with a few other ingredients thrown in to bind it all together. The EP comes out on January 22nd and is worth checking out if you’re into genre bending, catchy pop rock. 

Nathan Blackstone

January 27, 2021

I'm Nathan, I'm based in South East England and I'm a huge music fan. When I'm not making music of my own I'm listening to a wide variety of music from Pop to Rock to Metal and beyond. My top three bands would have to be the Smashing Pumpkins, Placebo and My Chemical Romance although there are so many other great bands but so little time to list them!


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