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Cyan Kicks – I Never Said 4Ever

Cyan Kicks release new album I Never Said 4ever this month and we had a listen.

Happydaze – Full Free Radical

Happydaze's latest EP Full Free Radical was released earlier this month and is a great record.

Himalayas – From Hell to Here

Himalayas released new album From Hell to Here earlier this month and it is a great record.

Hot Mulligan ‘Why Would I Watch’ review

Hot Mulligan’s third full length offering Why Would I Watch sees them just as aggressive and just as mathy and just as emo as ever. And the song titles are still needlessly long.

As Everything Unfolds – Ultraviolet (Review)

As Everything Unfolds released their second album Ultraviolet not too long ago.

Weathers- Are We Having Fun?

Weathers released new album Are We Having Fun? on May 5 and it’s great!

Waterparks – Intellectual Property

Waterparks recently released their new album Intellectual Property and its a great record!

Debacle – Debacle

Debacle recently released their self-titled album and it is definitely one for those who are into the indie pop/rock genre.

Fall Out Boy – So Much (for) Stardust

Fall Out Boy's new album So Much (For) Stardust was released last month! See what we thought!

Derek Sanders – The Heavy Box

Derek Sanders is back with his second solo EP called The Heavy Box. It features two guest vocalists and is quite literally music to my ears.

To the Grave – Director’s Cut

 Released on the 24th February, To The Grave's Director’s Cut is well written, full of intense energy which showcases an immense amount of talent from the band. 

Acres – Burning Throne

Acres recently released their second album Burning Throne!

I Call Fives – Not For Everyone

The new EP from I Call Fives is called Not For Everyone and it's great!

Story Of The Year – Tear Me to Pieces

Story Of The Year are back with a bang with new album Tear Me To Pieces!

Those Damn Crows – Inhale/Exhale

Inhale/Exhale, the new album from Those Damn Crows was recently released and it is fab!

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