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Narrow Head – Moments of Clarity

Narrow Head's 3rd album Moments of Clarity will be released on February 10.

Sam’s Albums of the Year 2022

There were so many albums released in 2022 that we loved! Here writer Sam gives us his lowdown on his five best albums and EPs of 2022.

Circles- The Stories We Are Afraid of Vol I

Last month, Circles released their new EP Stories We Are Afraid Of Vol I. It quickly became a favourite here at AltCorner!

The Higher – Elvis in Wonderland

The Higher return to our ears with Elvis in Wonderland, their first collection of new music since 2009's It's Only Natural and its bloody fantastic.

Armed For Apocalypse – Ritual Violence

Armed For Apocalypse's third album Ritual Violence is out now!

My Kid Brother – ‘Happy.Mad.Weird.Sad’

On October 7 My Kid Brother released their very first album. After fully forming in 2018, the band have been jamming, gigging, and only gracing our ears with EPs. Four long years later, they finally released Happy.Mad.Weird.Sad. 

Alter Bridge – Pawns & Kings

Alter Bridge are back with new album Pawns & Kings and we love it!

Elessar – It’s Not That Deep

Recently, Elessar released their new EP It's Not That Deep and we had a listen to see what it was like.

WACO – ‘Rock Spirit Absolute Joy’

WACO released their new album Rock Spirit Absolute Joy in September.

The Dangerous Summer – ‘Coming Home’

Since their 2018 self-titled comeback, The Dangerous Summer have not let up. In a four-year period, new record Coming Home is their third full length. Impressive, and that’s ignoring the 2020 EP All That Is Left Of The Blue Sky.

Eat Your Heart Out – Can’t Stay Forever

Eat Your Heart Out recently released their second album Can't Stay Forever.

Zachary Ross & The Divine – Rebuilding Heaven

On September 9, Zachary Ross & The Divine releases debut EP Rebuilding Heaven on Smartpunk Records!

Senses Fail – Hell Is In Your Head

On new album Hell Is In Your Head, Senses Fail tackle themes of mortality and fatherhood on the backdrop of two iconic pieces of literature, T.S. Eliot’s The Waste Land (which influences the first 6 tracks) and Walt Whitman’s ‘To Think Of Time’ (the final 5).

Thick – Happy Now

THICK released their new album Happy Now on August 19 through Epitaph Records.

The Faim – Talk Talk

Australian pop-rockers The Faim are back with second album Talk Talk which will be released on July 8 through BMG. The record completely embodies what the band is all about and is quite frankly, brilliant.

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