Poisonous Birds – We Can Never Be All Of Us

The esoteric and unique alternative trio 'Poisonous Birds’ released their new EP ‘We Can Never Not Be All Of Us’ on 14th August… It’s pretty interesting…

Ingested – Where Only Gods May Tread – Album Review

Released on August 14, ‘Where Only Gods May Tread’ is the fifth studio album from UK death metal outfit Ingested.

Orbit Culture – Nija – Album Review

Swedish metal outfit ‘Orbit Culture’ are set to drop their first release with new label Seek And Strike titled ‘Nija’.

The Vigil – Hypervigilance

The new album from UK rockers The Vigil was released 21 August, promising a kick ass ride with influences ranging from hard rock and blues through to a grunge tinged alt-rock. 

Rews – Today We’re Warriors

Rews’ sophomore album “Today We’re Warriors” arrived on 7 August, and is a stalwart offering from the Irish band lead by songwriter Shauna Tohill. 

The Lawrence Arms – Skeleton Coast

This album had some bleak and often melancholic moments but despite this there are slight glimpses of hope to be found within all the dark lyrical content which is exactly what we need in the world today - to find hope despite the darkness!

Calva Louise – Popurri

Calva Louise have amassed themselves tonnes of praise, high profile fans and a decent following. However, new EP Popurri is nowhere near as eclectic or unique as people would have you believe.

Neck Deep ‘All Distortions Are Intentional’ review

If All Time Low’s Nothing Personal got criticism for being too pop and not punk enough, All Distortions Are Intentional should definitely get the same treatment.

The Acacia Strain – Slow Decay

The Acacia Strain's latest album is Slow Decay. It’s got groove, its got aggression and its got substance… You’re gonna love this…

nothing,nowhere. – one takes vol. 1

We’re promised a digital LP of reworked, stripped back fan favourites with the latest release from DCDS / Fueled by Ramen artist nothing,nowhere. and there’s no disappointment here. It’s powerful stuff.

DITZ – 5 Songs

Brighton based noise rock/post punk 5 piece DITZ dropped their new EP ‘5 Songs’ earlier this month and I’ve got to be honest… I, personally, just don’t get it.

The Long Faces – Documentaries

Released on 10 July, the latest three track release from the British exports who’ve so far made it well abroad, Documentaries by The Long Faces sees the band striding into ever-new territory as part of their quest to expand their sound.

Maggie Cassidy – Life is Beautiful

Guildford five piece Maggie Cassidy release their debut EP, Life Is Beautiful, on the 31st July after recording with Neck Deep’s Seb Barlow earlier this year.

Creeper – Sex, Death & The Infinite Void

In their first 5 years as a band, Creeper crafted the perfect path, releasing an EP each year for three years, touring relentlessly and then putting out their debut album Eternity In Your Arms. It felt like they were never far away from our speakers and stages and that enabled them to grow hugely in that time. Oh yeah, and the outstanding goth-punk-opera rock songs helped a bit too. Then on 1st November 2018 they played their final show of the tour and announced the end. Then there followed a year of radio silence. Anyone familiar with David Bowie would recognize this as the shedding of a skin, the entry to the cocoon, and, exactly one year after that fateful show, they reappeared with a single and shortly followed it up with the announcement of Sex, Death & The Infinite Void. Now, following a lengthy delay due to COVID-19, the release of one of the most hotly anticipated albums in recent years in upon us.

Strike Anywhere – Nightmares Of The West

Richmond Virginia based punk outfit Strike Anywhere make their first release since 2009 with this new 7 track EP titled ‘Nightmares Of The West’ Basically, 11 out 10… Go and buy it… NOW!

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