WNSDY AT 7 – See You Again (Release Party and Single Review)

Wnsdy At 7 celebrated the release of new single See You Again in Sheffield.

Image: WNSDY AT 7 live at Hallamshire Hotel, Sheffield. Credit: Riccardo Cenci Media.

See You Again is the third single of WNSDY AT 7, an upcoming pop punk band from Doncaster. It was released on March 29, along with a headline show at the Hallamshire Hotel in Sheffield.  

The single tells a story of a long-distance relationship, with denial towards how the couple feel and whether it’s truly love. Although, the signs are obvious – it is love, and they must overcome to barrier of distance and conflicting schedules. It’s a song that’s mostly upbeat, following their classically pop punk sound reflecting their influence by Blink 182 and Yungblud.  

As I have for each of their singles, I loved it. It was fast-paced, and high energy. For their next single, I’d love to have a change in tone or texture. I know they can do pop punk now; I want to know their full capabilities. Maybe venture into emo. Give me a soul-crushing emotional anthem. Make me cry!  

It’s a good single, but I’d love to hear more variety! I can’t complain too much, as they were kind enough to invite me along to their launch party.  

Don’t be put off by the launch party being in Sheffield, it’s quite a fancy bar, with seating and a dancefloor downstairs and a medium-size stage upstairs. It’s a building with character, but it’s not dirty or gritty like other small, alternative venues. The only discomfort was how sweaty it was once the concert had started. Once it was packed, it was so warm. I recommend, if you’re to visit Hallamshire Hotel, to wear summer clothes and stay hydrated.  

There were four bands in total, each opener had around half an hour each. Raging Clue were the first band on and having now listened to them recorded – the experience did not do them justice. An emo pop-punk band from Nottingham, what I heard on the 29th was yelling, slamming drums and incoordination.

However, this was a running theme in all of the artists, which mean it’s most likely down to the sound engineer working that night, and not actually the artists themselves. As I’ve said, listening to them recorded, I really like them. They’re available on Spotify, and I recommend having a listen. Recommended songs from these are Comatose, 3210 and Timebomb. As for stage presence and showmanship, they did well to invite crowd in! They brought an energy to the show and had a good attitude towards error when they slipped up by simply starting again and moving swiftly on. I would like the opportunity to see them again.  

Barnsley grunge-boys Stained Glass were up next, and their live show does resemble their recorded sound. I feel a little mean, as all I could think about was “they sound like Sex Bob-omb, and apparently, they were going for Nirvana. I can’t say I know Nirvana well, so both may be true. They were good, though, and were received well by the crowd. I just don’t think they were my cup of tea. Again, available on Spotify so that you can make your own mind up. 

Boyproblems were the final opener, and I enjoyed these live. It was during their set, I thought to probably blame the sound guy. I could tell that their lead singer had a beautiful voice, but it also sounded like she was raising to try and be heard. An indie-pop band, that everyone seemed to know (maybe because they’re local to Sheffield). They had variety between the songs, and their drummer had me in awe with his skills. These are a band I’d look forward to seeing again.  

The crowd seemed to empty a little after Boyproblems, but it was still pretty packed and intensely sweaty!  

WNSDY AT 7′s live sound is almost identical to their recordings. They have good crowd interaction and presence, despite a tiny stage. That being said, bassist Rob Campbell did make his way into the crowd for the final boogie. They played all their released singles Shadows Got Darker, Perspective and, of course, See You Again. Perspective was probably the highlight of their original songs, it is incredible live. They did a great cover of First Date by Blink 182 and Green Day’s American Idiot with the lyrics changed to “I’m not a part of the Tory agenda” which was amazing, and completely in the spirit of Green Day. Sheffield even gave them the full rockstar treatment, as frontman Ryan Alexander had a pair of ladies underwear thrown at him. Cheeky! 

A great night, all-in-all, with a mixture of genres. I’d been meaning to see WNSDY AT 7 for a while. Ironically, scheduling conflicts prevented that – so, hopefully, it won’t be long until I see them again.  

Vicki Evans

April 17, 2024

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