Review: Mayday Parade – LoFi EP

Mayday Parade released their instrumental Lofi EP in March, with four of the band’s tracks reimagined.

Mayday Parade have released their Lofi EP and it is an interesting listen.

Starting with Jamie All Over, with Less Gravity and Aleks, and it is a world away from one of the catchiest songs ever written (in my opinion). You can clearly tell it is Jamie All Over but it’s put together really interestingly with the piano as the main focus and the occasional accents of other instruments. I do love it though!

Less Gravity also had a hand in all of the remaining tracks on the EP.

In all honesty, Miserable at Best isn’t one of my favourite Mayday Parade songs but I think the lowfi version is the best on the EP. I especially love the rain effects in the background.

Oh Well, Oh Well is one I was really anticipating after seeing the tracklist and it was lovely. A nice way to round off the EP.

In all honesty there isn’t too much to say about the EP as each track uses similar sounds and is a more relaxing version of the original hit.

That doesn’t mean it’s bad at all, I just don’t want to be repeating myself over and over again.

Anyone who knows me knows I love Mayday Parade and despite my initial hesitance going into the EP, I really enjoyed just how relaxing some of my favourite songs have become thanks to it.

It’s rare that I like an instrumental record but honestly, after a stressful day in work, this is perfect to sit and relax to. So thank you Mayday Parade, I now have a new way to switch off and relax.

Elizabeth Birt

May 1, 2024

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