Review: The Moor – Ombra

The Moor released new album Ombra on March 15.

Ombra is the latest record from metallers The Moor.

Intro – Il tema dell’Ombra is an atmospheric marvel. It sounds like it could be the score to almost any movie which has a bit of intensity but nothing too heavy. It is very orchestral and quite frankly I love it.

The Overlord Disease is a completely different sound, kicking in with intense drums. It’s the first track on the album to bring in vocals which are a mix of cleans and screams which works well. There’s also a lovely guitar riff.

Illuminant’s sound combines classic rock clean vocals with a heavy, yet slightly sludgy riff. It’s not a bad song but it didn’t pull me in as much as the first two did.

The titular track Ombra is the longest on the album. It brings back some of the atmospheric sounds from the intro, but blends it well with the rockier sound we’ve had from the first two tracks with vocals. The only downside for me is I can’t understand the lyrics as they’re in Italian but (whatever they’re saying) it still sounds great!

Withered has some of my favourite lyrics in it, and a lovely guitar riff.

Closing track Thirst begins with a more intense orchestral sound, overlaid with drums and bass before scream vocals kick in over the top. It’s a really nice song to end the album with and shows off the musical talent of the band perfectly.

Ombra is a really well-written album. I’d not really heard much from The Moor beforehand but I actually enjoyed the album. Each track has something special to it and I especially loved the intro as it transported me to a whole new world. If you’re into the likes of Gojira and Dark Tranquility, you’ll love this album and band!

Elizabeth Birt

April 18, 2024

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