Review: Defects – Modern Error

Defects will release their Modern Error album on May 24. Lizi had a listen and absolutely adored it!

British metalcore band Defects release their debut album Modern Error in May and it’s definitely full of promise.

The opening to the album is aptly called intro and it’s 46 seconds of static sounds and talking and is an interesting way to start the album. Quite a few bands have done this recently but the static-y sound actually makes it stand out.

Scapegoat doesn’t waste much time in properly kicking the album off. It opens with a breakdown and growls and is extremely in your face. The growls remind me of Kurt from The Dead XIII and they are contrasted well with the occasional high and melodic clean vocals.

End of Days makes more use of the clean vocals and it’s got a very catchy chorus and lush guitar riff. I love the line “so when you’re done chasing the sun, you’ll soon see what you are.”

Dream Awake slows things down a bit and is a lot more melodic and relaxed in comparison to its predecessors. This allows the weight of the lyrics to shine through, talking about being a dreamer awake in a nightmare and falling all over again. It also has a lush guitar riff.

Echo Chamber is the stand out for me. Beginning with synths over a guitar line and into some lovely clean vocals. It also has intense screams and a good breakdown. It’s a brutally honest track lyrically and almost brought a tear to my eye.

The Interlude starts with ‘calibration sequence initiated’ before moving into a minute-long piece that shows off the band’s instrumental talent. It has a cool drum beat in the background, with a prominent guitar line and quiet background screams before ending with ‘recalibration complete’.

It was like a calibration as the titular track follows Interlude and it’s as if we’re back to the start of the album where it’s in your face with brutal growls and a funky drum beat and synths. It has a nice hook about looking for a better world.

Closing track Gone to Waste actually tops Echo Chamber for me. It’s not one of the heavier songs on the album but it’s got a very deep sound lyrically and just fantastic instrumentation.

A staple I love throughout the album is the breakdowns. Each one is different and Defects clearly know this is something they excel at.

There’s no denying that Modern Error is a heavy album but it works in a range of more melodic elements well, whether it’s light guitar work, atmospheric synths or just the melodic clean vocals. Each element fits in perfectly, especially in Another Heart to Bleed.

Defects made it clear this was a brutally personal album and it can be clearly heard in the lyrics and vocal delivery.

Modern Error by Defects is a fantastic metalcore album. It will be released on May 24 through Mascot Records and it will be music to your ears.

Elizabeth Birt

April 30, 2024

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