Review: Sum 41 – Heaven x Hell

March 29, 2024, was a bittersweet day for Sum 41 fans as it marked the release of the Heaven x Hell double album but this is Sum 41’s final record. However, they are going out with a bang!

Heaven x Hell is the final album of pop punk superstars Sum 41, and haven’t they treated their dedicated fans?!

Released at the end of March, Heaven x Hell is a double album (a whole 20 tracks!) adventuring into multiple alternative genres, but ultimately keeping up the iconic sound that they’ve been known for since the release of Makes No Difference in 2000. It’s an album full of fast-paced punk, catchy hooks and out-of-this-world guitar solos. It’s varied, and top quality – which is expected from bands that have been in the industry for so long. 

Split into two, the Heaven side depicts themes of reflection and regret. Waiting On a Twist of Fate is a strong opening song, which contains the first of the incredible guitar solos. I’m not sure how I feel about Johnny Libertine, it’s a simple song with easy rhymes, but it’s a good punk song, and reminds me of older Green Day (probably St Jimmy). Dopamine is a close second for favourite, but Radio Silence is likely my favourite out of all the songs. It’s dramatic, melancholic and, I suspect, is referencing the end of the band.  

Hell soon brings back the fun. This side is more dramatic and embraces the sins for the sake of having fun. It’s the ‘no regrets’ attitude which begins with Preparasi A Salire, an interlude. The songs connect really well here, especially Stranger In These Times and I Don’t Need Anyone. Hell is heavier than Heaven, with funky riffs alongside them. The songs that touch on the heavier side of pop punk, like House of Liars, reminding me of early My Chemical Romance.

Hell even includes a cover of Paint It, Black by The Rolling Stones, which I personally prefer. The final song is How the End Begins, which is like an angrier Radio Silence. It’s an incredibly strong ending, which wraps up all the themes of the album.  

Heaven x Hell is a great album, it’s well written and produced, and really just easy listening. Although there are heavy tracks, it doesn’t feel heavy to hear. A strong album from start to finish.  


Sum 41 will return to the UK for Download Festival, but will be heading out across the US and Canada soon, with a short trip around Europe. Listen to Heaven x Hell now and go see them before it’s too late!  

Vicki Evans

April 19, 2024

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