Review: Moonshot – The Power

Moonshot – featuring former members of Children Of Bodom, Disco Ensemble and LAPKO – have put their own, great stamp on the rock genre with album The Power.

Moonshot release new album The Power on April 26 through Reaper Entertainment and it’s one hell of an album.

Life is a Killer begins with a stunning guitar solo that is welcome therapy to the ears. The raspy vocals work well with the track and lyrically it’s a nice sounding song with a chorus asking if someone promises to treat you right. The guitar lines however are the stand out for the song.

Blackened Spiral is an honest song about death and embracing the end.

Shadow Boxer has another great guitar line at the start. It has a great hook that would go down well live. The drums are really cool too, particularly around the three minute mark. The instrumentation that follows really steals the show with its metallic sound.

You could almost convince me that Stars are Holes came from a progressive 80s rock band with its sound, until you take a closer listen and hear that not only does it sound much better, but the lyrics are a masterpiece.

If you’re a rock fan, then The Power is definitely for you. It’s classic rock but with added modern twists. I love the vocals as they are slightly raspy and it’s a more unique sound for a classic rock album. The instrumentation throughout is top notch, with each track having a stand-out guitar line that is pretty unique.

Moonshot have a very well rounded album here and it’s no surprise considering the band consists of former members of Children Of Bodom, Disco Ensemble and LAPKO.

Elizabeth Birt

April 24, 2024

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