Review: Aniimalia – Carousel

Aniimalia have released their second EP Carousel, capitalising on a great couple of years.

Aniimalia are back with their new EP Carousel. After a fab couple of years winning Kerrang!’s The Deal, playing Download and releasing their debut EP Pressure Points, Carousel has a lot to live up to.

Opening track Who’s Gonna Stop Me kicks right in with an intense drum beat and as Kira’s vocals kick in, the instrumentation is a bit more disjointed for the verse to allow the vocals time to shine. The chorus is catchy and the bass line sounds good.

Lyrically, Hurt Me Back is my favourite on the EP and I love Kira’s vocals in the verses.

I can see why Puppeteer is the lead single. It has some heavier instrumentation and is a song that can be related to by almost anyone. The instrumentation is great and I love the momentary respite with a short melodic synth before kicking right back into the previous instrumentation. It also has one of my favourite faded out endings I’ve heard in a song.

Closing track Doom has some really good guitar work.

Carousel is a very good EP and builds well from Pressure Points. At times I did find some of Kira’s higher vocals sounded a bit forced but the majority of her vocals sounded amazing.

The EP is well rounded and all instrumentation blends well together.

Elizabeth Birt

April 12, 2024

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