Artist Playlist: Luke Rainsford of Layover

Artist Playlist is the new feature from AltCorner where members of your favourite band are in control! Each participant is asked to compile a list of bands and/or tracks that they cannot stop listening to right now and create the ultimate playlist!   In this weeks edition of Artist Playlist we have the immensely talented […]

Columbus – Spring Forever

Brisbane trio Columbus release debut album Spring Forever through UNFD on August 26. The record is the follow up to 2015’s EP Home Remedy which saw the band break out into the limelight. The power-punk trio came together in school and were completed via a school jazz band (no, really) and we all need to thank that school band for gifting us a very talented trio!

Nothing announce UK dates!

Philadelphia alt quartet Nothing have followed up the release of album Tired of Tomorrow with the announcement of a run of European dates with the UK leg starting on September 11!

ARTIST PLAYLIST: Nicole Mason of Divides!

Artist Playlist is the new feature from AltCorner where members of your favourite band are in control! Each participant is asked to compile a list of bands and/or tracks that they cannot stop listening to right now and create the ultimate playlist! In this edition we have the immensely talented Nicole Mason of Divides....

Kamikaze Girls Highlight Realities Of Mental Health Problems In ‘Ladyfuzz’

A name that was given to vocalist and guitarist Lucinda Livingstone by KG drummer Conor Dawson in a previous band they were both members of, the term ‘Ladyfuzz’ stemmed from Livingstone’s un-healthily nerdy obsession with fuzz pedals and stuck as a nickname for her on-stage persona.

Climbing Trees – Borders

After releasing their successful debut album "Hebron" in 2013 the band went onto play the Horizons project before embarking on a 20 date summer festival tour. Since then the bands popularity has skyrocketed and they have recently released their eagerly awaited follow up "Borders".

The Acid Ballet – Missing Children ’63

Do you ever feel like your life is set in a horror movie? Listening to Missing Children 63’ we take a look at the incredibly sinister time of disappearing children and serial killers stalking the streets.

Meet indie rockers Crystal Balloon

There's never anything much in there but I came across an article about Welsh indie rockers Crystal Balloon who released their debut EP Hurricane on July 15. So I checked them out and you should too! The trio consist of guitarist/vocalist Jack Stanton, guitarist Tim Burden and drummer Erik Karvik and take their influence from a range of genres, combining Brit rock with singer/songwriter storytelling.

Skarlett Riot – Sentience

Following on from 2013's ‘Tear Me Down’ Skarlett Riot are back with more female fuelled, high-octane rock.

Storm the Sky – Sin Will Find You

What do you get when you mix massive poppy melodies, great guitar work, insane vocals and a group of guys from the land of 5 Seconds of Summer (Australia FYI)? The answer is Melbourne’s death-pop sextet Storm the Sky and their incredible new album Sin Will Find You.

Icantdie – Transition/Merger EP

Icantdie are an exciting new alternative heavy metal band from Bridgend. So far they have received alot of airplay on radio and have recently released a music video for their debut single "Merger". The band are set to open Throwfest on August 21st and have just recently released their debut EP Transition/Merger which was recorded, mixed and mastered by former Funeral for a Friend guitarist Gav Burrough.

Calling Apollo – The Great Depression: Act 1

Cardiff-based rock group Calling Apollo have created another dynamic album, followed up from their 2015 EP 'Hunter Gatherer'. The EP includes 6 polished and unique tracks which are throbbing with melodies and vocals. The sound of the album is rich in breathtaking lyrics and emotion, this has to be one of the best upcoming albums of 2016.

Nothing Above, Nothing Below – Death Spells | Album Review

It's a brave move for this outfit to release something that is guaranteed to divide opinions to the most extreme, although it leaves us in a bit of a pickle, as we really can't make up our minds on what our final verdict is either. Could this be the sound of the technological uprising that looms over us all? Could it just be a deeply experimental record from some very open minded musical fellows?

Red Moon Road Release Live Session!

The path towards the new Red Moon Road album, ‘Sorrows and Glories’, began with a shattered leg, a cancelled tour and a long 2000 km trip home. Luckily, the Winnipeg folk trio is known for surviving adversity, spinning stories into songs and, more often, breaking hearts with stunning musicianship.

Jamie Lenman Interview At 2000 Trees Festival 2016

We were lucky enough to speak to the brilliant Jamie Lenman. The ex-Reuben man, famed for his work with the band, his illustrations and more recently, his solo material was kind enough to speak to Brad about practically everything!

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