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On their November co-headline tour with SHVPES, I caught up with Luke from Press To Meco to talk abou festivals, 2016 as whole and what the future holds for the band…

On their November co-headline tour with SHVPES, I caught up with Luke from Press To Meco to talk abou festivals, 2016 as whole and what the future holds for the band…

So how has the tour been going for you?

Luke: The tour has been sick. The SHVPES guys are awesome, we have got on so well with them. They are a really good band as well with loads of energy. Every night they have got people into their band and won people over and got them all jumping about.

So, what is it like to play at the legendary King Tuts?

Luke: Sick, we have actually played here before. We played here maybe three years ago and it was sick, really looking forward to tonight!

So are there any stories you can tell us from this tour?

Luke: I nearly pissed myself on the way here.

(Poking his head in and interrupting) Adam: What about that guy’s girlfriend that threw up in a glass?

(Laughing) Luke: Someone’s Girlfriend we stayed with (on this tour) threw up into a glass…

Adam: She wanted to throw up but, Luke was taking a piss!

Luke: Yeah, I heard the knock on the door. So I quickly wiped (so not a piss then) and stood up. So this guy, not mentioning any names was like. “It was my girlfriend, she just threw up into a cup”. I was like; “Man, I was just doing a poo”.  But, yeah I nearly pissed myself on the way up here. It was the closest I have ever been in my life to pissing my pants. And It was only like a mile down the road. We just had to pull over and I just had to go out of the van. People were looking at me. So I was just looking people in the eye and making it awkward.

You have played a lot of festivals this year. Is they any particular highlights?

 Luke: 2000 Trees was fucking sick. We were on quite early as well, and we came out to a full tent. We didn’t think we would be playing to anyone. It was really humbling.

And what would you say would be Press To Meco’s highlight reel of 2016?

Luke: We just got back from recording our second album in Texas with a producer called Machine. That was awesome. The Scuzz Tour was really sick where we last spoke to you. Camden Rocks this year was a massive highlight for me. That was such a great show. We were on at the same time as SikTh and it was there last show with their singer Justin. I really wanted to see them but, we were clashing and I was kind of bummed out that we couldn’t see them and I thought everyone would be at their show which they were but, there are so many people at Camden Rocks that we had a really full room and everyone was going nuts. It was really sick.

You mention there that you went states side to record the second album. What’s it like to go to another country to record and is there a name and release date for the album yet?

Luke: Not a release date or name that we can say and that’s just as we don’t know. It’s not as if we are hiding anything. It was crazy out there. Me and Lewis had never been to the states before. Adam had been to Vagus but, apparently that doesn’t count as it is it’s own little world.  It was so crazy because, when you get to travel because of what you love doing it is the best thing. I would rather travel to the state to record an album and have every Sunday off to do tourist stuff than, have two weeks there and do just tourist stuff.

And what do you think 2017 will hold for Press To Meco?

Luke: It’s going to be the release of the album. Well, I am 99% sure we can confirm the Album will be out next year. If it is not out next year either something has gone wrong or there is a really good reason why. It is going to be loads of touring. We are going to be doing a lot more in the rest of Europe. It’s not that we have neglected it, it is just that we wanted to capitalise on the momentum we had gained in the UK and play more shows here. But, now it feels the right time to go and tour our first album abroad while we gear up for the second album.

I like to end the interview with a few either or questions. So, which do you prefer: Especially for you, Rick or Morty?

Luke: Oh, Shit! It would have to be Rick. Even though he is a dick, Rick is where it is at. Morty is like a nice guy but, he is also a bit of a dweeb. Rick is where it is at, he can party, he can make you anything you want. I have actually got them with me tonight (Luke is referring to the stuffed Rick and Morty he always puts on stage).

Harp or Accordion?

Luke: So, the Harp is definitely the better instrument. The accordion is good as it is movable, you could just pop out an accordion where ever you are and just start playing. You couldn’t just assemble a harp and start playing, just think about bringing a massive harp with you. A harp tho you could make someone cry with bit, an accordion you could make a monkey dance with. So this is a tough one. I am going to say harp. Adam would say accordion and Lewis would say harp.

And last but not least. Headline a small venue or a big festival slot?

Luke: What do you mean by big festival slot? If you mean a really good slot on one of the small stages at a festival that would be amazing.

Lets say you could choose your spot. Not a headline or main support.

Luke: And I am guess the headline show would be sold out.


Luke: That is tough. I am going to go with big festival slot. As we have had more headline shows that have been really sick, so the festival slot would be great. We haven’t done many big festivals. We have done download twice and the second time was on the big stage but, it would be cool to play early evening in one of the small tents. That would be sick.

Gareth Rooke

November 14, 2016

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