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Halfnoise – Velvet Face

For die hard fans of Paramore, you probably have an understanding that Halfnoise is Zac Farro (former Paramore drummer) and if you are already familiar, you already understand this is not a comparison of his former successors. Indie / Chill would be the most accurate way to describe the vibe given from Farro’s project. As […]

All Time Low @ Hammersmith Apollo

As I arrive to the venue, I find a queue zig-zagged, and stretched over a 10 minute walk away from the venue itself to find the end of it, like waiting for the opening of a huge festival, as my mind wonders how the hell all these people will fit in such a space. As […]

Ryan Hamilton & The Traitors @ Old Church London

As Ryan Hamilton & The Traitors take to the stage in the unique church by day, venue by night atmosphere, he starts off by asking the familiar-faced crowd if he can say the F-word in a church, already having a fun time with the crowd. As Ryan opens with a solo acoustic / vocals, a […]

Ryan Hamilton & The Traitors Interview

  Ryan Hamilton & The Traitors took some time out before their album launch party in London to talk with myself about the band, the album, and influences that got Ryan to where he is with the band. The Devil’s In The Detail album launch party is tonight here in London, are you excited for […]

Sum 41 – Don’t Call It A Sum Back @ Brixton Academy

Canadian band Hollerado warm things up in the Brixton Academy as a stomping opener of a gritty rock band. As a band not overly familiar in the UK, noticeable by the lack of crowd singing along, they are sure to gather more of a fan base after this tour with a respectful crowd gradually getting […]

Within The Ruins – Halfway Human

Within The Ruins have been making quite a name for themselves recently in the death-metal genre. With their 5th album release (and third via E1 Music record label) Halfway Human has expectations to reach. Let me give you a track by track review. Opening with a low beefy riff on Shape Shifter, with a classic […]

Nightlife – Salt & Acid

London quad Nightlife have never appeared on my radar before, after being in London for a year, I am ashamed that is the case. They can only move onwards and upwards with this great release, which I hope will see them soar as high as the vocal range throughout the album. Left Alone is the […]

Figures – Figures EP

The quintet from down-under that you may not know about, Figures mean business when they put together an EP containing 4 tracks that punch out an incredibly unique take on influences between the century mark. The Melbourne lads want to be found from across the world, and I am here to install a message to […]

Miami Monroe – Miami Monroe

Hailing from Glasgow, a pop-punk quintet named Miami Monroe have stepped forward to provide you with an EP that you shouldn’t cast aside. As an epic Intro starts off the EP, you are not sure what to expect, with a repeated guitar lead, as it slowly builds up, as if you are about to start […]

Lower Than Atlantis – Safe In Sound

Lower Than Atlantis have some great feats in their name, dominating the scene here in the UK. With a decade of writing together, bashing out 4 full albums in the course of 4 years, this 3 year gap may be just what the guys needed to give the fans something worth waiting for. So here […]

A Love Letter To… Mest

It’s February which means the shops are full of cheesy cards and presents for your loved ones for Valentines Day. Now while we think that you should be telling and/or showing your loved ones just how much you appreciate them all year round, not just on one day (or two if you live in Wales […]

Less Than Jake – Sound the Alarm

For a band to stay fresh and entertaining for 25 long years, you must have something special. After 8 full length albums, 8 EP’s, and numerous other releases, Less Than Jake continue to raise the bar and keep your taste buds filled with exciting new flavours. Sound The Alarm is the 9th EP from the […]

BarCreeps – Eponymous

Heard the 90’s punk rock song’s a million times? Looking for something still in touch with that raw yet nostalgic sound? Then look no further, BarCreeps are here to make you want to dust off the skateboard in your shed and cruise around the streets causing havoc. Or, reminisce the childhood soundtrack of Tony Hawks […]

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