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Lullaby – Never Let The Devil In

Lullaby’s debut EP Never Let The Devil In is a bouncy, hook filled rock release, that suggests bigger things are on the horizon for Lullaby. The EP itself is best described as rock however there are Brit pop influences throughout, and even hints of bands like Muse and Feeder as well as more modern bands […]

As Everything Unfolds @ Crowndale Club

Trauma PR hosted As Everything Unfolds’ single release show on Friday night. The evening was a showcase of up and coming British metal. Opening the night were mathcore two piece Death Goals. The noisy duo showed great energy and a great stage presence considering the size of the crowd. Further to this the songs they […]

Thumpermonkey – Electricity

Thumpermonkey’s new EP Electricity is a 4 track EP which attempts to capture the personality of the quartet. The EP focuses on what could be considered a concept or at least thematic basis of human foolishness. Unfortunately the alt rock four piece struggle to achieve much on this EP with each track falling rather flat. […]

Tigercub – 2000 Trees Interview

I had a sit down with the guys from Tigercub to chat about playing festivals, touring and new music. The whole band was interviewed; Jamie (Vocals), James (Drums) and Jimmy (Bass) who arrives slightly late to the interview. What’s it like to be back, after playing last year? Jamie: yeah it feels good, bigger stage […]

King Capisce – Memento Mori

Sheffield experimental instrumental band King Capisce are set to release their third studio album Memento Mori on 6th October. The record sees the band continue the jazz/rock crossover style. As expected the musical skill of this band can’t be questioned at any point throughout the album. The album opens with what is probably the most […]

Paceshifters – Waiting To Derail

Dutch alt-rock three piece, Paceshifters are set to release their new album Waiting To Derail on 6th October. The album continues to showcase the bands highly grunge influence sound, all the while it remains current and never sounds outdated. The main difference in this album to the trios previous works is the larger production, the […]

The Front Bottoms – 2000 Trees Interview

I sat down with Brian Sella of The Front Bottoms at 2000 Trees to talk about playing festivals, supporting Blink 182 and a new album. You’ve only just arrived but what are your first impressions of the festival? We kinda just stepped off the bus and saw the woods and the stages and stuff. But […]

Kamikaze Girls – 2000 Trees Interview

I sat down with both members of two piece band Kamikaze Girls at 2000 Trees this year. We spoke about how good 2000 Trees is as well as touring the US and their brilliant album Seafoam. The duo consist of vocalist/guitarist Lucinda Livingstone (L) and drummer Conor Dawson (C). How you finding Trees 2017 so […]

Citizen – As You Please

Citizen are set to release new album As You Please on 6th October. As You Please is a dark brooding album which is both introspective and aware of what’s going on elsewhere. The album approaches simple personal issues as well much larger social issues using meaningful metaphorical lyrics. Compared to its predecessors the album is […]

Beach Slang – 2000 Trees Interview

I had a chat with James Alex, the vocalist from Philly punk band Beach Slang, ahead of his 2000 Trees headline set on The Axiom stage later that evening. We chatted about UK festivals, Riot Fest and the benefits of a tumultuous couple of years for Beach Slang You haven’t had too much time at […]

Bad Sign – 2000 Trees Interview

I caught up with Bad Sign ahead of their set at 2000 Trees. We discussed their new album, touring and the current British music scene. Interviewed were Joe (Vocals/Bass) and Kev (Drums). What’s it like to be at Trees? Kev: I’m not even just saying this but I think Trees is the best festival, in […]

El Ten Eleven – Unusable Love

El Ten Eleven released Unusable Love on 18th August. El Ten Eleven are a two piece who layer augmented bass and drums to create a sound that has depth far beyond that typically expected from a two piece. Unusable Love is the first release from the two piece to feature a vocalist (in the form […]

Cursed Earth – Cycles of Grief Volume 1: Growth

Fresh from signing to UNFD Australian metallic hardcore band Cursed Earth released the Cycles of Grief Volume 1: Growth EP on the 4th August. This EP sees the group display a true understanding of the various styles of heavy music, whilst maintaining a thematic consistency based around the darker aspects of life. The EP has […]

Killset – S.T.F.U

Killset released their sophomore album S.T.F.U on 7th July this year. Using producer Eddie Wohl once more, Killset maintain their late 90s, early 00s sound that is synonymous with Eddie’s work. The album is certainly a throwback and may provide some nostalgia, however it isn’t up to the standards of the most notable names of that […]

Bad Sign – Live & Learn

Bad Sign will release their monstrous debut album Live & Learn on July 14th through Basick Records. The London based trio have toured heavily since the release of their EP Destroy in 2014. The varying bands that they have toured with may well have played a part on the sound of this album, as it […]

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