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The Dirty Nil – Master Volume

The Dirty Nil follow up their blistering debut album with the hit factory that is Master Volume. Building on everything that made their debut (Higher Power) great they’ve added more suave, swagger and youthful abandon. Couple that with hooks and guitar hero, power chord driven riffs and you’ve got an album of the year contender. […]

EMP!RE – Glue

EMP!RE’s debut album Glue is packed full of soaring riffs, unique hooks and a lot more personality than a lot of bands their style have. With hints of Muse, Coheed and Alter Bridge, this debut album has all the markings of a normal radio rock record but with interesting leads and vocals with personality it […]

Exocrine – Molten Giant

Progressive death metal band Exocrine’s new album, Molten Giant, is a blistering heavy take on an interesting concept. The concept being that of a nuclear battle between a giant lava monster and humans. Essentially it’s a homage to Kaiju movies. This concept does come through to the sound of the record. The record, despite it’s […]

Like Pacific – In Spite Of Me

Like Pacific fight with their identity on sophomore record In Spite Of Me. The Canadian emo/pop-punk quintet never quite meld the emo and pop-punk on this record. The jump between emotional voice cracking verses and attempted hook laden choruses can be jarring. While the intent and ambition is commendable the end product isn’t up to […]

Asylums – Alien Human Emotion

Asylums’ sophomore release is an OK Brit rock record. It lacks any sort of innovation or originality to stand out from the crowd but fans of this genre will surely feel some nostalgia from this record. With influences from all across the brit rock genre such as Oasis, Ash, and Feeder. Ultimately however the lack […]

Code Orange – The Hurt Will Go On

Code Orange are the best band in the world. Their new EP The Hurt Will Go On adds further proof to that statement. The two original tracks and one remix on this EP highlight the artistic brilliance that is Code Orange. It’s been eighteen months since the release of the, already, seminal Forever. An album […]

Black Orchid Empire – Yugen

Black Orchid Empire’s sophomore album, Yugen, sees them expand their hard rock sound. The big choruses and massive riffs are enhance with a seamless production. There are the obvious influences of genre heavyweights such as Muse and Queens Of The Stone Age. This a good record and any fans of this genre will surely enjoy […]

Wolf Culture – The Devil’s Plans For Idle Hands EP

The debut EP from emo/punks Wolf Culture is an impressive start from a band entering a scene littered with bands all aiming for the same sound. This current melding of pop punk and emo has had a resurgence of late. This blend of Bleed American esque hooks and wonder years stirring lyrics and melodies. Bands […]

HalfNoise – Flowerss EP

Flowerss is the new EP from Zac Farro’s solo project HalfNoise. The EP sees the project continue with its dreamy psychedelic style. At 7 tracks long it’s rather long for an EP but overall it is a definite improvement on the previous releases. The seamless production allows you to get lost in the dreamy psychedelia […]

Eva Plays Dead – The Fix

Hard rock quartet Eva Plays Dead, released their new EP, The Fix, on 27th April. The EP is five tracks of no nonsense hard rock. If you are fan of any 21st century hard rock, you’ll enjoy this. While they are a British band there are obvious influences from the American style of radio rock. […]

Trivium & Co. live @ Brixton Academy

As Code Orange headed off stage to a stunned crowd, I wondered how I would start this review. What came to mind was; three of the most exciting bands in metal, and Trivium, wow Brixton. I decided against that as it sounds critical towards Trivium. A stance I definitely didn’t want to take once Trivium […]

SEASONS – Chapters

Rock quintet SEASONS 3rd EP Chapters sees them continue with their chorus focused style of radio rock. Following in the footsteps of bands like Mallory Knox and Young Guns, this EP will definitely please fans of this style. However in today’s music climate the lack of identity on this EP means the band are unlikely […]

Feed Them To The Forest – Can’t Forget

Feed Them To The Forest’s debut EP, Can’t Forget, sees them lay their influences on the table. From the first track to the last the sound unmistakably influenced by the late 90s early 00s emo/punk scene. Couple this with a massive production for a debut EP and this makes Feed Them To The Forest a […]

Palm Reader – Braille

Palm Reader have been one of the best bands of the UK underground hardcore scene. With their third album Braille they will surely break out of the clutches of the underground. The seething melodies and bone shaking riffs, create an intense yet gripping atmosphere. With the magnitude and quality of the songs on this album, […]

Press To Meco – Here’s To The Fatigue

Press To Meco are set to release their sophomore album on 30th March. Following on from their debut album Good Intent, Here’s to the Fatigue develops their chorus focused rock music. Drawing similarities to other British rock bands such Lower Than Atlantis, Twin Atlantic and The Xcerts. Like these bands, Press To Meco also have […]


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