Team Member: Charlotte Martin

Lover of all music alternative and a little bit different, anything quirky and unusual is bound to catch my eye! Here to pet all your cats and drink all your tea and well as mess about on my camera and go on adventures far and wide!

Charlotte Martin's Articles:

Charlotte Emilie does Desert Island Disks

If you could only listen to 5 albums or EPs for the rest of  your life what would you choose? Charlotte Emilie, writer here at ALT CORNER has made their selection and tells us why. ____ When thinking about this, I’ll be honest – it took me the longest of times and it was a super hard […]

Black Map – In Droves

Black Map’s new EP ‘In Droves’ is best described as eclectic and buzzy, ranging from fuzzy anger pop, to Muse-esque songs, there’s a lot going on in this album. Opening with ‘Run Rabbit Run,’ the album is given a solid pace, by this extremely strong track, buzzier than a beard of bees yet slick as […]

A Will Away – Here Again

  Take Hawthorne Heights, throw in a mixture of You me at Six and Moose Blood (who doesn’t love that combination!) and what you get is A Will Away; Candy coated dark pop-punk. Opening with elegant guitar riffs and sugar sweet vocals ‘Here Again’, the albums namesake track is an extremely strong opening track, and […]

A Love Letter To… Aurelio Voltaire

It’s February, the month of love, and here at Alt Corner we want to express our love to our favourite bands. This time it’s the turn of Charlotte telling us why she loves Aurelio Voltaire:   Hair as raven black as the night, Devilish charm, eyes that shine bright, Pirates have nothing on your Penchant for […]

The Vistas – Last Train

Scotland has invented many things, battered Mars bars, Haggis and the likes, but the latest invention to come out of Scotland is the Indie-rock quintet, The Vistas. Rife with catchy hooks and pop-punk-esque guitars their new EP ‘Last Train’ is a sure fire hit with fans of bands such as The View, Lower Than Atlantis […]

Alistair Hynes – Ineffable

Alistair Hynes’ debut EP ‘Ineffable’ – winging its way onto release on the 16th of September.

Halfnoise – Sudden Feeling

From in between the sheets of indie and electro comes crawling Zac Farro's new project Halfnoise. Distancing himself from his prior eyeliner-clad fame in Paramore, this eleven track record really could not get much more different than this, to the point where it has a very chill-out feel about it.

The Acid Ballet – Missing Children ’63

Do you ever feel like your life is set in a horror movie? Listening to Missing Children 63’ we take a look at the incredibly sinister time of disappearing children and serial killers stalking the streets.

Skarlett Riot – Sentience

Following on from 2013's ‘Tear Me Down’ Skarlett Riot are back with more female fuelled, high-octane rock.

Amaryllis – Nova Initium

Amaryllis’ 'Nova Initium' is definitely a stand out album, with their punchy guitar riffs and melodic vocals, it’s definitely a throwback to the old school Sunny Day Real Estate brand of emo which is bound to catch some attention at next month’s Camden Rocks Festival.

Coast to Coast – Dwell

Taking inspiration from bands such as You Me at Six, combining heartfelt lyrics with soaring vocals and raging guitars in the background providing a contrast which works beautifully, Dwell is the new EP from Coast to Coast.

Iodine Sky – Tides

When you think Manchester you initially think gloomy lyrics a-la Joy Division and, soft melodies like those of The Smiths, however, anthemic songs with catchy hooks may not be necessarily something that comes to mind. Manchester based quartet, Iodine Sky have set out to change that!

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