Skarlett Riot – Sentience

Following on from 2013’s ‘Tear Me Down’ Skarlett Riot are back with more female fuelled, high-octane rock.

Following 2013’s ‘Tear Me Down’ Skarlett Riot are back with more female fuelled, high-octane rock. Opening with the melodic and attention grabbing Empty Inside, Skarlett Riot’s latest EP is enough to get the blood pumping, giving the melodic hardcore roots a run for their money with their own pop-punk style twist, and we definitely love it! Filled with heartache and passion the ‘Empty Inside’ sets the scene for ‘Feel’, building up to a triumphant final chorus which is almost as heavy as the lead vocalist Chloe Drinkwater’s eyeliner!

‘Scream at me’ is definitely the stand out track of this album for us, with it’s catchy lyrics and poppy hooks it is almost old school Paramore with a heavier base behind it – this track is definitely for fans of the 00’s emo genre who love a good head bang. The first single from this is EP next is ‘Voices’  bringing in the Bullet for My Valentine style guitar riffs and incredibly dark vocal work link into the familiar catchy hooks and harmonies between vocals and guitars producing another brilliant track.

Closing with ‘The Wounded’ combining solid guitar riffs and a furious drum beat, gives a very angry feel to the final track, finishing with as big a bang as they opened with – the only thing this track is missing is fireworks and a moody-storm filled music video to fit with the crescendo of a finale.

All in all, this is another incredibly strong EP from Skarlett Riot and after listening to this angst filled, fast and furious 5 track, a lie down is needed!


Charlotte Martin

August 8, 2016

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