Alistair Hynes – Ineffable

Alistair Hynes’ debut EP ‘Ineffable’ – winging its way onto release on the 16th of September.

Hailing from the moody, rain drenched, London streets, comes Alistair Hynes’ debut EP  ‘Ineffable’ – winging its way onto release on the 16th of September.

‘Through Oceans’ is a delicate opening track, harking back to the days when Saywecanfly and Yellowcard ruled our MP3 Players. It’s soft guitar line and gentle vocals offer a comforting feel, breaking through the sad stereotype songs and breaking through this comes, Mellifluous’, an instrumental track, introducing drums into the acoustic mix.

Disjointed ‘Far’ is a jaunty, inspirational song, following in the footsteps of those bands and artists who want to make you smile, Alistair is adding his glittery yet gentle music into the mix; making you smile is what he is aiming for with this song! ‘Petrol’ leads back to the rainbow streaked streets of his London and closing with the lullaby like, ‘Demure’, it’s almost as though this EP was built to inspire and comfort, and he’s done a brilliant job, ending with a glittering crescendo.

Charlotte Martin

September 16, 2016

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