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Hi, I'm Bethan based in South Wales. I enjoy going to gigs as I love live music and I have been gigging since 2011. I'm into a wide range of music and genres from pop-punk to metal etc. When I go to gigs, I film bands and post them on my Youtube Channel.

Bethan Jones's Articles:

Foes @ Fuel Rock Club, Cardiff. 24th October 2016 | Live Review

Finally FOES from Liverpool, took to the stage. I thought that this band would get a lot more faces in the crowd as it was their show but again it was mostly a few people and the other bands showing their support. Throughout every track Chris’ vocals were highlighted and his vocals were melodic and crisp. The lead vocals and the backing vocals blended naturally. The guitarist was very energetic and was moving about on stage quite a bit.

Say Yes release their new album ‘Real Life Trash Mag’ | Review

As a whole, this album has got a full bag of catchy lyrics with an unforgettable tune too that will have you singing it day in and day out. This album treads heavily in sarcasm and cynicism in between the lyrics. It seems that from the first track to the last track, the pace has been pulled back to create a nice light end to the album

We Review new album “Lifelines” by Hard rock Band “I Prevail”

I Prevail have released their new album titled “Lifelines” via Fearless Records. The one main thing I like about this band is the contrast between the melodic clean vocals and the gritty harsh vocals. Throughout every song the guitar riffs are heavy just like the harsh vocals. The drumbeats throughout are very catchy and the beats will either get you head-banging or air-drumming.

FingerTrap – Body Popping.

This track is definitely a song that will get the crowd dancing at shows. So if you got what it takes to Body pop or want to show off some dance moves. Your chance is at the end of the month, the guys in Finger trap have got a release show coming up on the 29th of October in Cardiff.

The Bad Flowers – The Bad Flowers.

The Bad Flowers are a threesome rock and roll band from Cannock, England. The rock trio are set to release their new self-titled EP “The Bad flowers” on the 4th of November 2016. The band consists of Tom Leighton (Guitar/Vocals), Dale Tonks (Bass/Vocals) and Karl Selickis (Drums). The Bad Flowers will attract fans of The Who and Led Zeppelin as they have a very similar sound.

Stick To Your Guns – Better Ash than Dust

Stick To Your Guns have recently released their new EP titled “Better Ash Than Dust” on the 23rd of September via Pure Noise Records. Founded in 2003, Stick To Your Guns are a hardcore quintet from Orange County, CA. The band consists of Jesse Barnett (Vocals), Chris Rawson (Guitar), Josh James (Guitar), Andrew Rose (Bass) and George “Schmitty” Schmitz (Drums).

Taking Back Sunday – Tidal Wave.

As a whole, the tracks mold together beautifully with a mixture of fast paced and slow paced songs. The lyrics in all the songs are very catchy, I had a few in my head for days! The vocals were incredible and definitely one of the top things about this album. The drums, guitars and bass were also impressive. Go check it out, you guys don’t want to miss this well-written album.

Breathe In The Silence – Hold My Heart.

Breathe In The Silence are to set to release their new second EP titled “Hold My Heart” on the 2nd of September via Crooked Noise. Breathe In The Silence are a post hardcore band from the mountains of South Wales. They also class their genre as “Valleycore”.

In Requiem – In Requiem EP (Re-Release)

In Requiem have re-released their self-titled debut EP “In Requiem” this Summer. If you’re a fan of Avenged Sevenfold, Muse and 30 Seconds to Mars then you should definitely check this EP out. As this is a re-release, I have decided to mention my favourite tracks from this EP.

Normandie. Live @ Fuel, Cardiff. 19th July 2016.

As a whole the night was amazing. However, some bands had to cut their sets short due to sound tech difficulties.

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