Narrow Head – Moments of Clarity

Narrow Head’s 3rd album Moments of Clarity will be released on February 10.

Come February 10, Narrow Head will be releasing their third album Moments of Clarity. The album takes you on a tour of your emotions, touching on feelings of sorrow, loneliness, and a faint glimpse of hope for the future.  

 On my first listen, the sound transported back in time to the early 00s, when I was a child, and my parents would have Kerrang on constantly. The sound reminded me of early Foo Fighters, Alien Ant Farm, The Smashing Pumpkins. The few songs that really stood out for me were Breakup Song, Fine Day and Caroline.  

 Breakup Song had a change of pace, slower, and somewhat graceful. It started with a fun riff and finished with a powerful solo. Fine Day and Caroline followed the bittersweet feeling, each with their own equally as impressive guitar solo. It was welcomed warmly, until the darker turn towards the back end of the album. The calm before the storm that began at Gearhead. A bigger fan of grunge may enjoy the heavier sound of the album. I found that they’d gotten a bit trigger-happy with distortion.  

 It’s an okay album, and worth a listen to. The previously mentioned guitar solos and changes of pace are the saving grace, otherwise the album would have no point of interest. A lot of rhythms sound similar. It does make it difficult to tell which track is which. That being said, I’ve heard worse. They aren’t bad songs, just indistinguishable.  

Narrow Head will be on tour of the US with White Reaper, starting February 4. Pre-save Moments of Clarity now, and see how you feel about it when it comes out on the February 10.  

Vicki Evans

February 1, 2023

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