Enter Shikari – A Kiss for the Whole World

Enter Shikari are a band known for their use of synths, political lyrics and considered the pioneers of the genre ‘electronicore’.  

Three years since their last album, they released their seventh studio album A Kiss for the Whole World. Eagerly waiting for it, fans weren’t sure what to expect on the album – and were more than happy with the twelve-track masterpiece. True to Enter Shikari sound, the album also pays respects to past hits such as Sorry You’re Not a Winner and Live Outside.  

Although there is a lot of repetition to Enter Shikari lyrics, there is also something poetic within them. Songs I found the lyrics were most effective were in are (pls) set me on fire and Dead Wood, the latter being a good example of how the songs on the album link with each other, as it does repeat ‘set me on fire’. The use of strings in Dead Wood creates an emotional atmosphere which makes the song stand out, as well as the key change and repetition of ‘I want to feel the way you feel’ towards the end. I particularly enjoy Jailbreak for the “don’t hold yourself back” message, more so the unique way that it’s conveyed.  

The songs are all short and sweet, and as the songs link together some could argue it’d be better if they did just make the songs longer. I’d say I agree with this when it comes to the final two tracks which follow the metaphor or giant pacific octopi, especially as the beats are incredibly similar and I did struggle them apart from each other. Mostly, split songs work in the album’s favour. It gives the album a concept that involves internal and external struggle.  

It’s a well-written album, although when I say “true to the Enter Shikari sound” I do mean that it does have a strong resemblance to other albums. This can be positive – if you enjoy the sound and don’t particularly want a change in direction. Or it can be negative, as it can be perceived as safe, and maybe boring, for the band while they don’t experiment with a new sound.  

Lucky for Enter Shikari, they do have quite an individuality, and honesty, to their music, which fans can’t get enough of. As the album is out to buy and stream now, I encourage you to do so.