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PVRIS live at The Academy, Manchester

PVRIS returned to the UK with support from Charlotte Sands and Maggie Lindemann. See what Vicki thought when she went to opening night in Manchester.

Tides From Nebula – From Voodoo To Zen

This is the fifth full length release from Polish instrumental post rock trio Tides From Nebula. It sees the band delving into cinematic landscapes of swirling synthesizers and hypnotic rhythms.  Instrumental music can be a very tricky thing to pull off, especially one based in such a minimalist sub-genre as post-rock. The ability to keep the listeners attention without a central focal point like a vocalist is challenge enough, without throwing the baby of traditional song structures out with the bath water.

Cultdreams – Things That Hurt

Formed in 2014 and previously known as Kamikaze Girls are Cultdreams, who in 2017 released their debut record Seafoam which received widespread praise for depicting life with depression and PTSD, whilst shining a light on harmful behaviour, sexual harassment and every-day misogyny in society.  Nearly two years away from the studio to tour Seafoam in the UK/EU and across the Atlantic. Guitarist/vocalist Lucinda Livingstone and drummer Conor Dawson release a long-awaited second album, Things That Hurt via Big Scary Monsters.

Slam Dunk 2019 Awards – Leeds

We bring you another festival awards from Slam Dunk!

Crows – Silver Tongue

In recent years, there has been an incredible surge in post punk music. From the dark, gothic overtones of a band like Grave Pleasures to the loaded political gunshots of Idles. The wave of 1980s nostalgia that has gripped the world for the last decade has gradually seeped into music and these bands are now coming to the fore. Crows are the latest, and they’re mixing that post-punk sound with a noisy riff driven edge. On the spectrum of this scene they fall somewhere in the middle of the two bands above and that is perhaps the biggest problem with this album.

Trophy Eyes want Friday Forever this week

Australian pop punks Trophy Eyes are having a good week this week. Friday Forever, the third single from their 3rd studio album came out mid week and the album was released on Friday August 3rd. A lot of the number three I know. Friday Forever reminisces on youthful days doing things you might not be […]

Like Pacific take on the A-Z challenge

Ahead of the release of their sophomore album In Spite Of Me (July 27, Pure Noise Records), we asked guitarist Greg Hall to take on our A-Z challenge and tell us all about Like Pacific! A song that made you want to make music? Based on a True Story by The Startling Line as a whole. […]

God Alone are into Heavy Metal

God Alone have revealed their new single Heavy Metal! The track is lifted from forthcoming album Bent Shoulders (July 20. Rise Records). Check out Heavy Metal below; GOD ALONE- BENT SHOULDERS 1. Tiny Bantam 2. Heavy Metal 3. Firehouse 4. Stay Away, Professor 5. Ben Shoulders 6. Milk Drinkers 7. My Sabbath 8. Gold Rush 9. Impeach Bandana […]

LIINES- Stop-Start

Manchester trio LIINES have been on the rise and now is their time to shine with their debut record Stop-Start. It encompasses beloved genres such as Post- Punk, New Wave and even blending in Riot Grrrl sensibilities. The first track, Shallow, starts out and immediately conjures up comparisons to bands like Interpol until those vocals […]

Liines reveal new single and album!

Manchester punks Liines have revealed their debut album Stop-Start will be released on May 4 through Reckless Yes Records! To celebrate, the post-punk trio have released their new single Shallow, an infectious track about anxiety and obsession. Vocalist/guitarist Zoe McVeigh says; “It’s relentless and on loop, which I hope shows how it feels when those kinds of obsessive feelings […]

Peter Kernel share must-hear new single ‘Men Of The Women’

Speaking about their forthcoming album, the band said “What is the size of the night? How can we measure the night? The night is a very personal moment. It can be majestic; spent indulged in love and joy or terribly frightening; filled with nightmares and fear. The size of this moment is hidden in the details that shake our bodies and keep our hearts beating.

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