The baby emo within me was very excited when I was asked to review the new BOYS LIKE GIRLS album SUNDAY AT FOXWOODS. Growing up religiously hearing The Great Escape and Love Drunk, I couldn’t wait to hear what their first album in eleven years had to hold. Like most bands do, they’ve matured!

SUNDAY AT FOXWOODS is out now, with hopeful, upbeat songs that celebrate love. Described by the band as feeling like a hug from your best friend that you haven’t seen in years, and it all felt familiar. Like summer had come again. It also sounds straight out of 2013. That may seem ‘dated’ to some, but I found it was quite a good year for music. 

 There’s a clever use of rhyming within the lyrics, and a range of instrumentation within each song. It’s clear that there’s been plenty of time spent on making the album good. SUNDAY AT FOXWOODS and MONDAY MORNING are both 1-2 minutes of ambience, which both lead perfectly into the songs that follow. Someone could argue that it’d be worth joining SUNDAY AT FOXWOODS with THE OUTSIDE and joining MONDAY MORNING with PHYSICAL, but that could also risk the song being too long and then arguments rise of ‘why not just cut that part out’. They work as a separate songs.  

STORY OF A LIFETIME takes the classic BOYS LIKE GIRLS sound. It’s one of the ‘edgier’ songs on the album, along with BLOOD AND SUGAR and BROOKLYN STATE OF MIND, although that one alternates between edgy and upbeat. CRY is a beautifully emotional song, that begins with just a vocal/piano arrangement, before the whole band breaks through – which I could only imagine how it would feel to hear life. It’s solemn, but still hopeful. LOST IN WONDERLAND is an acoustic emo song, which again still has a glimpse of hope despite also feeling broken down. It’s a lovely song and works well as the last song on the album, as if the party is finished and you’re saying goodbye to your friend again. It’s one of my favourites.  

It is an album I hope to hear live. BOYS LIKE GIRLS are planning to tour with a range of other artists, new and nostalgic, such as 3OH!3, The Ready Set, LØLØ, Four Years Strong, Max Mernis, The Summer Set, Every Avenue, and SayWeCanFly. For now, these tours are around North America, Brazil and Australia – I hope to see them in the UK soon! 

 Stream, or pick up, SUNDAY AT FOXWOODS now.