As Everything Unfolds – Ultraviolet (Review)

As Everything Unfolds released their second album Ultraviolet not too long ago.

On April 21, As Everything Unfolds released their brand-new studio album Ultraviolet.  

Their second ever studio album, which was designed as an evolution from their debut Within Each Lies the Other and contains a conceptual element portrayed within the music videos, you can find Ultraviolet, Felt Like Home and Flip Side on YouTube now. The album offers deep dive of emotions from anger and frustration, to the secret empowerment that comes with taking control of your life.  

It’s an incredible example of progressive metal, with a theatrical element. At times, there’s a pop punk fusion in the instrumentation. To say frontwoman Charlie Rolfe has a powerful voice would not be doing her any justice. One of the most powerful voices I’ve heard from a woman in metal, especially as she nails the screaming that’s fused into a few of the songs. In saying that, I don’t want to diminish the abilities of the rest of the band. The album has variation, and not a single song I’d skip. A great album shows that each member knows their instrument and isn’t afraid to be creative. It should all be applauded.  

 There were a few songs that really stood out for me. Felt Like Home was incredibly catchy, and a good choice for a single. I especially enjoyed the riff of Saint or Rogue, where the lyrics seem to be simplistic, but poetic, nonetheless. Particularly, the lyrics within the chorus, which are, “Saint or rogue, sinner or foe / How dare I deceive you? / Why am I losing a fight / Against all that I know true?”. Blossom follows it and is the final song that sticks out to me, once again for the powerful lyrics. It reminds me of Bad Pollyanna and Ok Goodnight.  

As Everything Unfolds are currently on tour in Europe. Stream or buy Ultraviolet now, and make sure you get to see them live!