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101 Word Reviews: Critics – All I Wanna Know

Fans of Panic At The Disco rejoice, because this one is made for you! All I Wanna Know, the debut single from up-coming EP ‘Spilt Milk‘ by self-proclaimed ‘Dirt-Pop’ outfit Critics, is a blast of synths, guitars and harmonies to create a split between feel good fun times and an altogether more sinister tone. A […]

Once Human – Evolution

Female fronted metal bands are rather cool aren’t they? They’ve been around for as long as metal has been a thing, but the modern day seems to be bringing a metric shit-tonne of incredible new ladies to the front of the heavier, chuggier side of music, with the likes of Butcher Babies and New Years […]

Love Letters To… Green Day

In the run-up to Valentines Day, here at AltCorner, we’ve been writing love letters to our favourite bands. Today we have Mitch’s letter to the loveable American Idiots Green Day! Billie-Joe, Mike and Tre. Roses are red. Violets are blue. I don’t wanna be an American Idiot, So take me to the Boulevard Of Broken […]

“James Has Even Yanked On The Steering Wheel While Asleep In The Front With Me Driving” | Alt Corner Chat With Trash Boat

With Their Upcoming Tour With Wonder Years Fast Approaching, Here At Alt Corner, We Took Some Time Out With Trash Boat To See What The St. Albans Outfit Have To Come Next...

Celeb Car Crash – People Are The Best Show

Imagine a world where the mid-2000’s never ended. A happier place, full of Hot Topic t-shirts, mighty fringes, jeans tight enough to cut off any blood supply they may ever have again and My Chemical Romance still in existence (and not in that strange neon phase that accompanied ‘Danger Days’).  A time when eyeliner was […]

Bowling For Soup – Drunk Dynasty

  For many years, there have been comedy bands. Weird Al Yankavich, Steel Panther, Spinal Tap, Tenacious D and the likes have left us chortling away whilst also delivering some truly kick-ass tunes, yet each of these acts share one huge part of what makes them who they are. All of them are a parody […]

Mouses – The Mouses Album | Album Review

Hipster rockers rejoice, Mouses are here to bring you their own special brew of lo-fi, grunge fuelled noise via their brand new (and imaginatively titles) 'The Mouses Album'.

An Endless Sporadic – Magic Machine

Let's address the elephant in the room before we begin to talk about today's album placed in front of the court of AltCorner (with me being the high judge obviously). I really am not a prog fan. Not prog-rock, prog-folk, prog-metal, prog-jazz, prog-goes-the-weasel or any another prog you may wish to throw my way. Ten time signatures and three keys whilst making use of a magical scale only taught by a wizard at the bottom of the ocean nearby the Port Of Dover in an alternate dimension, really don't do it for me...

The Truth – The Erik Chandler Band | Album Review

Possibly one of the most under appreciated men in pop-punk history, Erik Chandler is more commonly known as the bassist for the legendary Bowling For Soup (and if you don't know who they are, then why are you even here. Go away and educate yourself right now!). Will this solo outing follow in his bands footsteps, delivering more of what we've come to love from the Texas Quartet? Will this be a dramatic change in pace for Mr. Chandler, allowing him to create a thirteen piece Jazz odyssey?

Nothing Above, Nothing Below – Death Spells | Album Review

It's a brave move for this outfit to release something that is guaranteed to divide opinions to the most extreme, although it leaves us in a bit of a pickle, as we really can't make up our minds on what our final verdict is either. Could this be the sound of the technological uprising that looms over us all? Could it just be a deeply experimental record from some very open minded musical fellows?

Colt 45 – Snakes & Ladders (EP) | Review

For fans of the Punk vibes of Misfits and Rancid, we bring you the dark, furious tones of Colt 45, with their brand new EP, 'Snakes And Ladders' now available on all the good digital download sites (the legal ones where you pay for the music! Close that torrent tab right now you swine!).

Rory Indiana – Ruling Class Crooks | EP Review

Brighton's answer to Biffy Clyro comes in the form of the exceedingly good (no copyright infringement intended on any cake companies there) four piece that is Rory Indiana. We at AltCorner managed to get hold of their new EP, 'Ruling Class Crooks', to give you our thought on it's exceptional four track running time. You may have noticed that we're saying lots of positive things already. We have good reason to.

The Dollyrots – Family Vacation (Live in L.A)

We took a listen to the Dollyrots new live album, Family Vacation. Look inside to see what we thought...

Vessels – Cute Cute Death | Album Review

We took a listen to Vessel, the debut album from Post-Hardcore quintet, Cute Cute Death. Find out what we though inside...


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