Violent Soho – Everything Is A OK

You may have noticed a pandemic risen its brutal head around the world, so for many of our mental health music helps, it keeps us together with a bit of humour through these mad emotional times. Aussie band Violent Soho have done exactly that with the latest record, affectionately named “Everything is A-OK”. Like many of us stuck at home, this is the time new music make help keep us sane.

They sound to have a grunge ethos, as Luke Boerdam’s vocal style and they sound influenced from early years of bands such as Sonic Youth, Mudhoney and Smashing Pumpkins. Luke manages to evoke a reaction in this time isolation probably isn’t too difficult at the moment.


It is reminiscent of the early Seattle Sound evoking moods of those uncomfortable feelings a 16-year-old gets at that time of life.  Vacation Forever and Lying On the Floor are the standout tunes off this record because of the garage rock sound.

Mark Wincott

April 16, 2020

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