To the Grave – Director’s Cut

 Released on the 24th February, To The Grave’s Director’s Cut is well written, full of intense energy which showcases an immense amount of talent from the band. 

Australia is known to be a country full of extremes, be it the heat, the size of the country – or even the size of the animals!  

And extreme is exactly the word to use for Aussie band To the Grave, and their new album Director’s Cut. They say be careful of what you wish for. Well, I wished for an album that wasn’t a carbon copy of everything else I’ve heard. This album is it! Although deathcore isn’t what I would normally choose to listen to, I really enjoyed this album. 

The guitars are distorted perfectly, so they still capture the sound of metal but without it just sounding messy, and each song has a set of incredible riffs. The phenomenal drumming is so fast and complex, which is perfectly supported by the basslines. As for the iconic metal growls, they must be some of the best I have ever heard. Every single member knows what they are doing, and frontman Dane Evans must have an unbelievable set of lungs to be able to hold growls as long as he did and keep up with the rest of the music.  

 Red Dot Sight was the first song to stand out to me on the album, which is great as the second track. It had me moving along, bobbing my head, a motion that was carried on through the album. Full Sequence followed it, and I was swept up by one of the longest growls I’ve ever heard. Even though it was sent into the background of the track, it still caught my attention. It finished with an almost-empty “paranoid as we fucking should be” which is the clearest part of the album. The complete change working completely in their favour as it highlighted the political commentary of the rest of the lyrics.  

 The album is varied with its sound, having more of the punk qualities that go into deathcore. Towards the end of the album, songs begin to take the classic metal sound. Each song has its own pace, and a unique riff and meaning. Looking into the lyrics, each song contains a statement, some of which are talking about the horrors of animal cruelty, some seem to be on political subjects, and some may just tell a story. Each song is short and to the point and, if you’re a fan of the genre, to be loved.  

 Have a listen to Director’s Cut by To the Grave on Spotify today, or even pick up a copy of the album for yourself! It’s out now!