Threatmantics – Shadow On Your Heart

Threatmantics are a 4-piece Art-Rock band from Wales, with the release of their third album titled Shadow On Your Heart.

Although I have no knowledge of their previous releases, it is probably for the best on my personal tastes! It really isn’t something I see as a successful sub-genre, but each to their own, right? Opening the album with the title track of a weird combination of Viola, a fuzzy bass and a bassy melody of guitar lead before introducing a very deep, spoken-word style “singing” which leaves me feeling lost at what I am hearing, with the production of what sounds like something recorded in a garage. The following track First Things has some more upbeat and catchier Viola riff and a nice bass line that bounces well with the verses, and a very staggered and choppy chorus of diminished notes you’d hear from horror movies. As the tracks proceed, I’m still getting the vibe of a start-up band who have tried a new concept incorporating psychedelic and trippy songs recorded live in a small room. Not only are the recordings sounding low-budget but the songs them self sounds pretty nonsense. Again, personal opinion, it may appeal to others with the vintage mix and stoner rock vibes.


There is little more to say about this release I’m afraid, without feeling like I’m digging too deep on what to think of this record.

Will Pearce

March 8, 2019

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