The Jacques – Born Sore

How long has January been? Feels longer than 31 days, so, calm those nerves and ready yourself for February, as we here at Alt-Corner have been passed the new EP Born Sore by Bristol/London fellows, The Jacques and it’s out NOW.

The punk influenced dreamy pop guise will be heading out for 18 days in the UK around the March time. The Jacques open “Born Sore” with…..“Born Sore” a delectable Arctic Monkeys drum beat and begins building up the moment with infectious vocals so “Come meet your make as he said your born sore

Alka-Seltzer” is a tale musically of two halves. Crashing drums and crunching guitars and then at 2 minutes 38 seconds the mood changes. We hear a gentle weeping guitar, a slow tender drum flow. If you were on a night out and needed calming down on the nigh tube then this will keep than heartbeat.

Back to the attitude drum beat a bit of synth enters the fold with “I never want to be your boyfriend”. Lead vocalist Finn O’Brien has the Mike Skinner style of vocals, he speaks the lyrics which can penetrate the riffs and beats Eliot, Will, Harry and James portray.

Finishing with “Kiss the Pharaoh” hasn’t got the walk like an Egyptian feel. What we have is a grunge sense at the beginning, coming across dark and creepy and I love it. The band collate the feeling of uncertainty with their ska influenced beats and they make it work.

Go get this now.

Mark Wincott

February 11, 2020

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