The Darkest Moment – Love & Loss

Earlier this year, The Darkest Moment released their latest EP Love & Loss and is a heartfelt and emotional listen.

Tragedy kicks the album off in an extremely melodic sound and not what you expect from a post-hardcore band to start an EP. It sounds great however, and then kicks into some more heavier instrumentation before calming back down as the vocals kick back in. It is a lovely, heartfelt song. There’s a big shift to a breakdown and scream vocals to end the track.

Sorrows is the only track that comes in at just under four minutes. Just like the opener, it focuses on the more melodic sound for the verses before kicking into a huge chorus.

Aches is a very relatable song to me. It talks about feeling like giving up after losing someone. It’s a huge melodic anthem.

Love & Loss is quite honestly a lovely EP! I hadn’t really listened to The Darkest Moment much prior to this but I am definitely a fan! The melodic vocals and calming instrumentation during the verses combines well with a more angsty chorus. The EP deals with the loss of a loved one and the lyrics are heartfelt and emotional.

Elizabeth Birt

February 21, 2024

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