Teenage Wrist – Still Love

LA rockers Teenage Wrist have returned with their colourful 3rd LP Still Love. A diverse, saturated record that provides a hopeful and beautiful listen throughout its runtime. It strikes this balance between the 90’s grunge influence and this vibrant production. There’s one thing I can say about this albums production; it’s one of the best produced records of 2023

The blending of sounds Teenage Wrist have brought this time around, taking influence from a handful of places such as pop-punk, jazz and shoegaze and putting it together in a way that feels mastered. The album kicks off with the massive pop-punk influenced Sunshine and if this wasn’t the perfect introduction to this album, I’m not sure what would be. Still Love doesn’t lose momentum though, with an absolutely killer first half containing the massive title track. Softcults feature on this one is utilized perfectly and they add such a mesmerizing dynamic that really elevates this song to make it as great as it is.

Diorama and Cold Case slow it down, providing the listener a pallet cleanser in the middle of record. The soundscapes take you on this experience and this is an example of where how well done the production is. Though, there are some moments at this point in the record where I think it’s not quite as consistent as the first half. Luckily, the conclusion to this record was a home run.

Humbug and Sprawled pick up the momentum again truly showing what Teenage Wrist are capable of. Humbug it’s an absolutely massive tune with a chorus that’ll be infused in your head for a week. While in contrast, Sprawled is this delicate graceful piece of art. Touching into those emotions with saxophone passages and a very hopeful sound that really ties the record together perfectly.


Still Love is a fun, easy-listen that makes a perfect companion for those sunny mornings in the summer. The album is out now via Epitaph Records. You can pick up the record now from both the band and Epitaph stores. Don’t forget to catch Teenage Wrist on their North American Fall tour.

Blake Warford

October 17, 2023

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