Sworn Amongst – Reclamation

Sworn Amongst have been a name in the UK metalcore scene for a decade and a half and have made themselves known over these years playing with many huge acts, festivals and kept a loyal fan base from their work.

The new EP release titled Reclamation has all the low-end groove riffs they are most recognised for and keep things rolling from where they left off on their last release back in 2015.

Enslaved starts with an mysterious eeriness that then becomes clear a day when the guttural growls make their presence known and the down-tuned riffs that blow you back in your seat.

With a great blend of including some clean vocals for the choruses in each track, it really does accompany the more thrashy and heavy adrenaline rush that coarse through the EP.

Anybody looking for a good head bang will find themselves right at home with this huge 5 song release, and they set to gear up for festival season with Hammerfest, Camden Rocks and many others in 2019.


Check out Sworn Amongst‘s official video for Believe below:

Will Pearce

April 18, 2019

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