Rocket Pengwin – Polar Opposites

Rocket Pengwin recently released debut album Polar Opposites and its a pop punk classic!

What to expect from an artist called Rocket Pengwin? Well, if you listen to their debut album Polar Opposites, you’d find a classic pop punk sound similar to that of Blink 182 and Simple Plan. The album explores a range of topics, such as what stands out? And what’s really important? It talks about beauty, serenity, belonging. There are eleven original tracks, and two incredibly well-done covers.  

The songs are true to the pop punk sound, which even approaches the more serious-sounding songs with positive attitude, which turns out sounding like an optimistic Green Day. Save Me is the song that sounds most like 00s pop punk, although Heaven is my favourite song on the album, taking a slightly different direction. It’s a little darker, but then has a big theatrical flair to it. Don’t Hate stands out by having Muse-like instrumentation, while the lyrics are sung with the pop punk accent.  

The album finishes with covers of Miley CyrusJaded and Taylor Swift’s Anti-Hero. As I’ve said before, they’re really well done. They’ve been reimagined perfectly into the Rocket Pengwin style, and if you’re a fan of the old Punk Goes Pop albums, you would be thrown right back to the 00s.  

The album was released September 23rd and I recommend you check it out!  

Vicki Evans

October 24, 2023

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