Review: With Sails Ahead – Infinite Void

With Sails Ahead are a progressive post-hardcore band from New Jersey and their debut full-length LP Infinite Void is finally here. They’ve been conjuring up quite the following by opening for acts such as Hail the Sun, Royal Coda and Eidola. Taking the genre and doing something pretty special with lead vocalist Sierra Binondo’s incredibly unique sound to really make them stand out amongst the rest.

Opening the record we have every day the sky falls which starts off with a beautiful distorted pop vocal passage from Binondo, focusing on the title lyric as the building block for the track. The subtle instrumental work from guitarists Josef Warner-Reyes and Santino Costa is beautiful behind the main vocal melody. It’s a pop focused track where repetition is its power because it’ll be stuck in your head for days to come.

Later we have Ryn, without a doubt a highlight on the LP. Binondo explains the track was written while she was in a toxic relationship. It’s definitely a darker, more aggressive moment on the record.

All members of the band have a moment to shine here, with drummer Ryan Venancio kicking off the track in relentless fashion. Binondo channeling her heavier side while screaming the lyrics ‘For the hundredth time, will you refuse to be kind’. This track really highlights everything the band has to offer, it’s melodic, it’s heavy and groovy. Especially when guitarists Warner-Reyes and Costa close out the track with a delicious solo.

After there’s Lemongrab, which is a really interesting moment on the record as it’s broken up into two parts. Starting with Warner-Reyes and Costa harmonizing on a catchy lead, with Venancio picking up the pace in the chorus with his double-bass skills. It’s sonically a lighter moment, but with no sacrifice to their technicality.

Progressing into the second half, the song turns into an interlude of sorts. With a beautiful raw acoustic guitar passage underneath Binondo’s gorgeous but subtle harmonies. It’s a beautiful section that really shows the band is focused on the album as a full experience, rather than just individual songs.

On the second half of the LP we have single what if I fall, which has bassist Jaime Martinez starting the track with an absolutely disgusting bass line that carries the introduction before Binondo starts the chorus with her more gritty vocal style. Later we have Venancio breaking up the verse with a drum fill while Warner-Reyes and Costa play a more aggressive riff which almost works as a foreshadowing for what comes later. At the end of the last chorus the same section appears again but with the drums doubling the pace before turning into a full fledge breakdown to end it off.

Infinite Void is an absolutely packed listening experience that will have the listener discovering more intricacies with additional listens.

Considering it’s not only a debut album but also an independent release, I am extremely impressed with what they’ve accomplished here. They’ve established a unique sound and it’s clear to see the incredible potential of With Sails Ahead, check it out and let’s follow them into their future.


Infinite Void was released on Friday, April 26. Pick up a physical copy and merch here

Blake Warford

May 24, 2024

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