REVIEW: Scene Queen – Hot Singles In Your Area

Scene Queen will release ‘party album’ Hot Singles in Your Area on June 28!

Her pink persona, and carefree attitude makes her a lovable character, now Scene Queen is set to release her debut album Hot Singles In Your Area later this month.

Scene Queen has stormed into our hearts, with the release of Pink Panther and Barbie and Ken, following her Bimbos, Beans and Toast tour last year. I’ll admit, her singles have been hit or miss with me, so I was prepared to be let down with the album. But… I’ve been wrong before!

Set to release on June 28, with Hot Singles in Your Area, Hannah has certainly earned the title of Scene Queen. Some of the album sounds just like 00s scene music, and the rest are the unique sound we’ve come to know from her.

As songs such as 18+, MILF and Whips & Chains, have already been released, it’s an easy album to get into. We know to expect anger, breakdowns and innuendos, and there’s no limitations to where she will go. With songs that feature Wargasm, The Ready Set and 6arelyhuman and a mixture of country, metal and pop punk, Hot Singles In Your Area is fully a party album. I want to say for a range of listeners, but to be completely honest, Scene Queen can be an acquired taste.

When it comes to the new songs, my favourites have to be Amateur, Girls Gone Wild and Mutual Masturbation. Girls Gone Wild features Wargasm, and I like the juxtaposition within the tones. Wargasm bring and edge to the song that Scene Queen immediately takes away.

Mutual Masturbation I feel is about being ignored in the industry, and how men lift men only. I think it’s just a well-written song, it’s catchy and fun, but tells more of a story than other songs. Amateur as well, I just think is a song that fans of PVRIS would enjoy. Music-wise, it sounds like one of theirs that got hijacked by Scene Queen.

That being said, Climax completely stood out to me. It’s soft, bubbly and gives a dreamy feeling. It’s deep. I waited for a breakdown to disrupt it, but the one that came was more of an old Avril Lavigne-style pop punk ballad. I wouldn’t have imagined hearing something like this from her. It’s so good, I wouldn’t be against more songs like this. In fact, I would love it.

Hot Singles in Your Area is out June 28, and it will be worth the wait!  

Vicki Evans

June 5, 2024

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