Review: P.O.D – VERITAS

After seeing P.O.D live supporting Skindred, I was excited for new album VERITAS, but I was a little disappointed.

I was lucky enough to catch the mighty P.O.D live with Skindred in March, and they’ve now released their 11th album VERITAS.

Maybe I was a little swept up in the atmosphere of live music, having really enjoyed the live experience. I was excited to hear the album, but unfortunately, I find myself a little disappointed.  

It’s a nice length and contains some nice, catchy choruses. The songs are well written, and stay true to their sound. I’m sure that fans of P.O.D are more than happy with it, as someone who doesn’t know them that well, it fails to gauge my interest. 

The only songs I really enjoyed were LIES WE TELL OURSELVES and WE ARE ONE (OUR STRUGGLE). I find these songs were more effective at expressing emotion. It’s quite possible that the album is just not for me, and that’s fine. Fan favourites of the album, so far, seem to be DROP, AFRAID TO DIE and I WON’T BOW DOWN.

It just feels like it’s lacking something. The songs felt empty. I tried multiple times to sit and listen, and it couldn’t keep my attention.

I found myself having to repeat songs, and then just bored. I found that the lyrics, although I’m sure are personal, said things that have already been said, in the exact same way that they’ve been said. There was nothing unique about the album that made me want to continue listening.  

Maybe it’s catered for those who are already fans of P.O.D, and not aiming to bring in new ones. Maybe it’s just not my cup of tea. Like I said, musically it’s fine, but that’s all it is. It’s a fine album.  

VERITAS is out now, so have a listen and see how you feel about it!  

Vicki Evans

May 30, 2024

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