Review: Mt. Onsra – Sacred Time

Vicki Evans had a listen to Mt Onsra’s album Sacred Time.

Tomorrow, Mt. Onsra are set to release their second album Sacred Time. 

Due to release on June 28, Sacred Time is a fairly short album. I quite like it as it’s soft, and easy to listen to. Although, it might not be something I personally reach for. It has a 70s, classic synth rock sound to it, similar to what I’ve heard from Pink Floyd.

Towards the end, the songs seemed a little repetitive in sound, which is what draws me away from the album, but I find it to be well written, and produced so I do have quite a mixed opinion. 

The album does have a strong start with Emergent, beginning softly and having quite a build-up, and messy breakdown towards the end. I quite enjoyed Fever Dream, the song that followed it for the story within the lyrics, and then Revelations towards the middle of the album. After that, the album loses me as it begins to all turn into one song, but it manages to pull me in again for Voices. A nice song to finish with, and one that wraps the album up nicely.  

Mt. Onsra have done well with the album, especially considering it is a rock duo, and the album is self-released. It shows that they are talented and experienced; I just prefer albums that have a bit more variety, and quite a dramatic flair. As I said, it’s enjoyable but not something I would reach for. I would be quite interested to hear it live, though.

Vicki Evans

June 26, 2024

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