Review: Mothman, The Man – Where’s Your Head

Mothman, The Man released their second album Where’s Your Head? on April 19. Check out what Vicki thought of it!

Following the release of 1000 Eyes last year, Mothman, The Man are released their second album Where’s Your Head?  back in April.

I’d never heard Mothman, The Man, but with a name like that – how could I resist a little listen?  

Where’s Your Head is a good album, be-it not the type of music I’d usually choose to listen to.

It’s clearly taken a lot of time and effort to master the effects and storytelling that was desired, and even includes a variety of genre.

Despite just nine tracks, it holds their stoner rock sound but unintentionally travels through gothic territory with a western diddy Cult of Bone, Pt. 2 – The Odyssey of Clive Gatorkill.  

I thoroughly enjoyed the first few tracks, the gothic sounds of Where’s Your Head? And the softer sounds of Too Long and The Light. Although, Gigantopithecus only caught my attention at the end, with an impressive musical break and tidy ending. Interlude Lepidoptera follows nicely from The Light.

The tracks that followed remind me of Pink Floyd, as they embrace the twinkling riffs and synths that you expect from stoner rock, a musical sound that takes you on a journey. This includes the closing song, Mother Leeds’ 13th Child Pts 1 &2, a seven-minute track which I feel re-visits each sound and wraps the album up nicely.

It was a creative endeavour, which was executed well. I particularly enjoyed the spoken word lyric that, quite literally, told the story. I liked that it was varied and calculated. Every sound seemed like it was used on purpose. It was clean and, at times, ambient.

Where’s Your Head? is out now!  

Vicki Evans

May 16, 2024

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