MORTAL REMINDER exploded onto the scene in December of last year with the release of their two incredible singles THE GRAVEST SIN and THORN. Consisting of relentless djent instrumentation and groove, it was quick and easy to become eager for whatever was coming next. Consisting of members from metalcore acts such as Sirens & Sailors, Degrader and Deadculture. Fast forward to the present and they’re gearing up for the release of their self-titled debut record MORTAL REMINDER. The question remains… but does it djent?

Since I discovered the band one thing has always remained true with their music and that’s just how fun and energic it is. With the scene somewhat being stagnant, MORTAL REMINDER are a nice change of pace. Songs like the 3rd single STAND ASIDE, which features ex-Issues member lophiile, is a perfect example of the great time this record will take you on.

ALONE AS GOD featuring Left to Suffer’s own Taylor Barber is a massive standout on this record. His aggressive deathcore style vocals are such a nice addition to the second verse, especially when he belts out “I wanna watch you die today” before hitting you with all grooves in the breakdown.

We also get some more emotional cuts like with SUFFER TO LOVE / LOVE TO SUFFER, which also is a great moment showcasing the production on the LP. The melancholic synth work really shines in the chorus, making the listener feel the narrative as vocalist Liam Geary sings “I lost it all and I feel so cheated, but everything will end in time”. LOVE TO SUFFER acts as an instrumental conclusion, leaving only the synth work I mentioned from the previous track. It really makes the listener feel the emotional weight of the song we had just finished. It’s a really great piece of composition here on the album.

Closing the record with a bang we have the relentless THE NINE and THE WHISPER. THE NINE consists of some of my favourite riffages from guitarist Nick Lord, especially in the first half of the tune when the groove is ringing out. Drummer Doug Court also really shines through on this one, especially leading up to final moments where everything takes a step back to allow him to fill to his hearts content. LAST WHISPER ends the record on such a chaotic note, I won’t spoil this one though as it’s best experienced fresh in my opinion.

MORTAL REMINDER came swinging on their debut record; it’s heavy, it’s chaotic and it’s melodic but most importantly, it’s lot of fun.

I feel like a lot of bands try to up the ante with what’s going on around them and forget that the best stuff tends to come from organically just having a good time. MORTAL REMINDER are having a blast, and as listeners, we can feel that.

After listening to this record for the first time, I was reminded why I fell in love with this genre in the first place. So, to answer the question pondered at the beginning of the review…. yes, it indeed does djent.


MORTAL REMINDER is out everywhere now  

Blake Warford

June 27, 2024

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