Review: Mammoth Penguins – Here

Mammoth Penguins released their latest album Here last week. Vicki had a listen and here are her thoughts!

Mammoth Penguins released their new album Here on May 3, and I am pleased to have had early access to tell you all about it! 

Here has 12 tracks, it’s a soft pop punk album resembling the likes of Weezer with its monotone singing, and clean instrumentation. The album spreads positivity, following the journey of front-lady, Emma Kupa, while she escaped the darkest time of her life.  

It isn’t pitch-perfect, in fact, it’s incredibly DIY. I’d be lying if I said it was ground-breaking, or a musical masterpiece. It’s really not, but it’s enjoyable, nonetheless. Here is a comfortable listen, for when you’d like a nice, calm day.  

Kupa has a unique voice. It’s one that might be more suited for an acoustic genre, at times sounding a little overpowered with the music. Particularly in I Know the Signs, there seems to be higher notes that she struggles to reach. This is just a small occurrence within the album.  

I particularly liked how Blue Plaque, Success and Old Friends highlight the talents of Max Boxall and Tom Barden, by having a clearer sound to them. You can appreciate their parts throughout the whole album, but these songs are where they shine. Although I do enjoy the positivity of Here and A Plea for Kindness.

The boldness that A Plea for Kindness opens with is great for pulling in my attention, the lyrics being “I don’t care what’s in your pants, I care about what comes out your mouth” really draws my interest into the song. Altogether, it’s a really good song to finish the album on, and not just for the lyrics. The bass and drums play a key role here, and the music reminds me a little bit of The Chain by Fleetwood Mac. Of course, the two songs have very different themes. 

If you’d like a nice, soft melody to listen to, check out Mammoth Penguins. Especially check out Here, and if you really like it, check them out on tour! They’ll be starting in Cambridge on May 23 and finishing in Sheffield June 1, in between, they’ll be visiting Rainham, Coventry, London and Oxford.  

Vicki Evans

May 9, 2024

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