Review: Dead Pony – IGNORE THIS

One of the most promising bands of 2024, Dead Pony, released their debut album Ignore This on April 5. See what Vicki thought of the album.

IGNORE THIS is Dead Pony’s very first album, released on April 5.

With a creative use of sampling to break up songs, IGNORE THIS has sixteen tracks, which gave me a great mix of feelings while listening to.

The songs aren’t bad, they’re well-produced and written to quite a high standard, ones that I imagine Dead Pony are proud of. The problem is… it could be half the length. 

The songs from IGNORE THIS to COBRA could all be one song if I weren’t paying close attention. I know they’re saying different things. I quite enjoyed AWOL. Unfortunately, nothing in the first half of the album really sticks out to me. Even though Myself changes vocals and tempo, the vibe of the song and effects used still doesn’t make it stand out.  

I enjoyed the anger of the title track. I really liked RAINBOWS and Faces On the Wall. I loved I Might Die.

The second half of the album is boppy, and I could see myself enjoying it. Even a couple that I thought weren’t quite for me, I could see growing on me with time. Although, Motor City Mad Man was not for me at all, it felt out of place.

If I weren’t listening to review the album, I would have most likely stopped listening a few tracks in. Of course, not every single song needs to be 100% original, standing out as something we’ve never heard before. As it’s such a long album, it could probably be improved by simply putting the tracks in a different order.

I think Dead Pony are talented. I mean, they’ve just toured with The Blackout, so they’re not terrible! If I had to say who they’re for fans of, I’d probably say PVRIS, Maggie Lindemann and, maybe, Architects. 

The album is out now, so have a listen and see if it’s for you! They have quite some festival spots lined up, if you like what you hear.  

Vicki Evans

May 14, 2024

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