Review: Dayseeker – Replica

The long-awaited acoustic album from orange county’s own sadcore band Dayseeker has finally arrived. If you thought there wasn’t a way these songs get any more heartbreaking, well do I have news for you. Providing a completely new perspective on some fan favourites, Dayseeker accomplished what they’re best at and that’s putting listeners into their feelings accompanied beautiful soundscapes.

Dayseeker are back with new album Replica.

Starting off strong with Sleeptalk, which needs no introduction if you’ve been a follower of the band. This version is absolutely mesmerizing, with vocalist Rory Rodriguez’s soft cadence almost making you feel like you’re levitating while you’re listening to it.

It’s absolutely chilling when you hear him sing ‘sunset, sunrise, it’s better you’re not mine’, which is a constant feeling you’ll get throughout this album.

The band also brings in some friends to accompany throughout the tracklist. Indie artist Amber DeLaRosa first on Without Me, which adds new perspective and depth lyrically to the track. You can really hear the push and pull thematically in the message between two lovers with her addition to the second verse, it really elevates the track in a way that the original was missing.

Next, we have Holding Absence’s own Lucas Woodland on Starving to be Empty. Which, if you caught Dayseeker on their tour with Holding Absence, you might’ve already heard this one.

The two bands come together for a really special rendition of an already impeccable song. Woodland coming in for the second verse, but I think this song really shines when they work together to harmonize in the second half. He’s utilised beautifully throughout the runtime.

Later we have Drunk, one of my personal favourites. Just when I couldn’t think this song could get more heart-wrenching, the somber piano starts the song off.

Rodriguez’ subtle but tasteful vocals carrying the first verse with the breathtaking piano to accompany before that chilling first chorus kicks in. This is without a doubt one of the stand out renditions on the record.

Following is Afterglow, the song Rodriguez wrote about his daughter. This is a nice change of pace when you hear the hopeful and gorgeous chords start the song off. I think this version of the song really amplifies the emotion and message behind it for the listener; it’s one of the personal highlights for me on the LP.

Replica is an absolutely beautiful piece of work, taking already amazing tunes and elevating them to a new level. It’s Dayseeker in their purist form, and I’d suggest grabbing some tissues. If you’re even remotely a fan of the band, you’re going to be absolutely blown away by this project.


You can pre-order a physical copy of the album, due out June 21 here: and don’t forget to catch the band on their biggest headlining USA tour yet accompanied with Silent Planet, Rain City Drive, Ayron Jones and Avoid. You can find all the dates and pickup tickets here:

Blake Warford

May 17, 2024

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