PVRIS – Evergreen

PVRIS recently released new album Evergreen.

Last month, PVRIS blessed their fans with their fourth album Evergreen. The key phrase from there being “blessed their fans”, as I’m sure the only way you’d fully embrace this album is to already be a fan.  

Except for a couple of songs, the whole album seemed messy, and yet, empty. The songs seemed to flow into one, and I found it hard to enjoy. I don’t deny that PVRIS aren’t talented, I saw them at their tour earlier this year and quite enjoyed the sound. When seeing them live, I noted how every movement seemed perfectly planned, and how they have an artistic eye. This album seems to prove me wrong.  

Goddess and Animal are two incredible songs, that are catchy and seem to have something to say. Goddess is empowering, and funky. It’s got a fashionable 00s sound to it, I especially love the line “I’m a mother-f_king brand”. Animal is authentically angrier, the repetition in the lyrics is effective. More positivity, Good Enemy and Take Me to Nirvana I could appreciate while listening. Even if I enjoyed these, I still weren’t blown away. The other tracks just aren’t good.  

I had seen a lot of praise towards the album before hearing it myself and found that I’m just disappointed in it. Maybe it’s just not music for me. It saddens me, I really do want to like it and I consider myself easily pleased. There wasn’t anything creative that stood out for me. I understand it’s not easy, and Lynn Gunn writes most of it alone, but it’s the fourth album. I would expect this from a debut.  

Evergreen is out to stream and buy now. Have a listen, see if it’s for you.  

Vicki Evans

September 19, 2023

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