PLAIINS – Puppet

Earlier this month, PLAIINS released their new EP! Puppet is a short but sweet punk jamboree. Most of the songs are short, distorted and contains the classic punk sound. It’s clear that PLAIINS have a clear understanding of how to write a good punk album. 

Vocals are almost spoken, and lyrics are almost poetry. There’s social commentary. Simplistic riffs, with repetition. The basslines are incredibly strong, especially in Wooha (Speak Easy). The drums are loud and hard. I knew nothing on this band, so didn’t expect a punk album. After the shock, I loved it. I love old punk, and this is the closest I’ve heard to it in a while!  

Your Friends Bore Me is a strong song to open to. The first hit draws me in, then had me immediately head-banging. It’s a fun, and cheeky, song with the classic theme of wanting to have a party. A theme that continues through to Wooha.  

The sound of the album reminded me of Enter Shikari, but without the synths. It was a breath of fresh air. Not just six unique songs, but some were fun! Not a whole album of sadness or love songs. The album is out now to stream on Spotify, go check it out!  

Vicki Evans

August 1, 2023

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