Perennial – Art History

Perennial recently released their latest album Art History!

Modernist punk trio Perennial recently released their brand-new album Art History.

A 12-track album, with songs spanning no more than two and half minutes, the aim of Art History was to create ‘pop art’. The aim was something bold, instantly memorable and chic.

Although the songs are enjoyable and well written, I find the album to be… okay. Just okay. Not only were the songs the same as what I’ve heard before, growing up hearing British 00s pop rock and punk, but most of the album’s songs sounded the same as each other.  

Art History was a strong introduction, kicking in and setting the tone. Ambient interludes A is for Abstract and B is for Brutalism were nice and split the songs up a bit.

The only song that really stuck out to me, and that I fully enjoyed, was Mouthful of Bees. It’s the only song that seemed to have switched-up the beat, and the bassline is really strong. It’s fun, and the most experimental sounding.  

The album isn’t a bad album, it’s just repetitive. Having then listened to a little more of Perennial, it seems like it is true to their sound, and what I mean by that is that it sounds just like the rest of their music. It’s all a repetitive sound. 

It’s nice, but too consistent. Art History is out now, so have a listen and see if it’s something you’d enjoy!  

Vicki Evans

June 19, 2024

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