Nestor – Teenage Rebel

Nestor take us back to the 80s with second album Teenage Rebel!

Released on May 31, Nestor have transported us back to the ‘80s with their brand-new album Teenage Rebel.  

Formed in 1989, and then taking a thirty-year hiatus, Teenage Rebel is only Nestor’s second album! It aimed to transport their listeners back to the golden age of rock, and I’d say it does that so well.

The music is fast, and loud. The lyrics are motivational and tell stories of adventure and love. It’s for fans of classic rock, with long guitar solos and dramatic metaphors. With some political messages, which are placed effectively within songs, it’s a unique but somewhat nostalgic listening experience. Something that’s been heard before, but with a modern feel.

The themes of songs do begin to get repeated, but with different tones and fun music so I will let them off

The Law of Jante is a great way to open, with the use of static and sound clips, and a monologue by Danish voice actress Freya Miller. It smoothly transitions into We Come Alive, which is the first of many uplifting party anthems of the album. I particularly liked Last to Know and The One That Got Away. It’s probably due to them being slower, making them stand out to me, the classic 80s power ballads that people choose for their first dances.

My favourite is the final song, Daughter. It was powerful and wrapped the album up perfectly by bringing the sound back into the modern day. That seems to be an unpopular opinion, though, as it is the least streamed so far. The most streamed being Caroline and The One That Got Away.

It is a no-skip album for me right now, though. A good balance of fun, dramatic and emotional songs. Nestor have done well, and Teenage Rebel is out now for you to enjoy!  

Vicki Evans

June 4, 2024

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