McFly – Power to Play

McFly released their latest album Power to Play last week and Vicki sat down and had a listen.

McFly aren’t the ones you would normally find labelled as ‘alternative’, however, with their recent release of Power to Play… I think they’ve hit the mark.  

In complete honesty, I’ve been a fan of McFly for as long as they’ve been a band. They’re the band that made me love music, and I still love them as I always have. Don’t worry, I can point out where their flaws and acknowledge that not everything they release is a 10/10. They’re cheesy and their lyrics are cliché, but they’re honest to themselves and their feelings.  

As a band, McFly enjoy venturing into a range of genre. Power to Play is their take on a guitar album, made up of 11 tracks and so far, has 3 singles: Where Did All the Guitars Go, God of Rock and Roll and Honey I’m Home. To create this album, the boys in the band not only looked at the artists who inspire them, but at what they value as a band. When I listen, I find the essence of AC/DC, Kiss, Bryan Adams, Bruce Springsteen, Green Day, Jimmy Eat World… but even Weezer and Iron Maiden. A success, as in interviews the members have talked about being inspired by AC/DC, Van Halen, Journey, as well as various other classic rockers! And it’s no secret co-frontman Danny Jones is inspired by Springsteen, and bassist Dougie Poynter is a huge fan of alternative rock. It’s an incredible blend of all the various corners of rock music that we’ve all come to love and is one of the strongest albums released this year. McFly have done well to highlight the stronger songs, and to turn them into singles. Every other track is fun and unique, and yet still holds the classic McFly sound, and isn’t short of Danny’s iconic high notes.  

I’ve listened to the album many times since it was released on June 9, and each time it has filled me with pleasure.  

Land of the Bees is the introduction to the classic rock sound that the album holds, it contains gratifying riffs and story-telling lyrics. I can imagine it being a part of a silly video, or rock-based musical. The classic “rock is elite” themes that you find from Def Leppard. Similar themes are found within God of Rock and Roll and Taking Back Tonight. I’m Fine holds the emo, 00s rock sound and lyrics. Although the song that grips me most is Make It Out Alive. The lyrics are simple yet poetic but the whole song is melancholic, and completely theatrical. It gives Dougie a well-deserved spotlight. 

As a band that’s not known for alternative music, McFly have released a guitar album that is remarkable. With help from rock-legend Jason Perry, and really taking on board the music that they all love, Power to Play is 40s minutes of classic, fun rock – with no skips, and I’m excited to see how it translate in their tour later this year. Listen to Power to Play on streaming platforms now, and pick up a copy for yourself!